Toiletry Pouch vs. Cosmetics Pouch - Poll!

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Cosmetics Pouch or Toiletry Pouch?

  1. Multi-Color Cosmetics Pouch

  2. Mono Cosmetics Pouch

  3. Mono Toiletry Pouch

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Here I go again...I absolutely cannot make a decision as to whether to purchase the cosmetics pouch or the closely sized toiletry pouch. Those of you that have purchased either, how did you come to your decision? I love that the cosmetics pouch is available in multi-color but that said, all of my current items are mono. Hmmm... TIA!
  2. I like the more square one... toiletry? It comes in Epi too and looks like a clutch!
  3. I love the mono toiletry pouch! I like the functionality of the shape and the lovely vachetta pull tab.
  4. I really like the toiletry pouch but I have a huge mono collection and like to branch out into other prints. The epi one would be something to consider. I do have the vernis cosmetic pouch in pomme and absolutely love it though
  5. I voted mono toiletry pouch because of the shape. I think it fits better in a purse.
  6. I voted mono TP, go for the 26:graucho: I love mine and I actually want a cosmetic pouch as well, cause hey a girl can never have too much Louis
  7. +1
  8. my vote goes for the toiletry pouch
  9. I voted for mono TP.

    I love the classic look. Good luck with choosing and have fun shopping! Don't forget to do reveal/review :smile:
  10. I prefer the toiletry pouch....
  11. Mono toiletry pouch
  12. I guess since I bought 3TP that is my pick. However the MC cosmetic case is the cutest little thing.
  13. A lot of votes for the TP but I recently added a DE GM Cosmetic Pouch with the red leather lining and I'm loving it. I got it to hold all of the small knick knacks that I carry around in the totally (which doesn't have a lot of pockets inside) but do also plan to use it as a clutch.

    Would load a pic but for some reason everytime I try to upload pics this site goes wonky on me and never works.
  14. Wow - lots of love out there for the TP!

    I'd really love to eventually get both <insert evil grin here>

    Thanks, all :wave:
  15. I have the DE cosmetic pouch and LOVE it!