Toiletry pouch as a clutch - chic or silly?

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  1. Does anyone use the toiletry pouch as a clutch? Does anyone have a comparison pic with the pochette NM? Was going to get the pochette but I think the toiletry pouch is actually pretty cute!!
  2. Oh I use it as a clutch... And there is a trend of people using toiletry pouch as a clutch.. I have seen people doing it.. lol.. and it is a cheaper alternative too,

    I use my toiletry bag as a man clutch. har har har

    This is mine.
  3. I love the TP 26 as a clutch, but it's really large. YouTube has some great videos showing both the 26 and 19 as clutches, you should check them out.
  4. Toiletry 19 & 26 can be used as a clutch.
  5. I have used my Empreinte Orient cosmetic pouch as a clutch!

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  6. lol I bet only LV people would even notice it isn't a clutch :smile:
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  7. I really believe to each their own…but if asking for opinions….I think that the toiletry pouch on its own looks a bit awkward….there are so many great clutches out there this just would not make my list for a good clutch option. But as a SLG for a bag….they are great!!
  8. I have not used mine - tp 19 as a clutch yet but I think it will be ok for informal occasions. Maybe tp 26 looks better as a clutch cos it's bigger?
  9. I find it silly, everybody familiar with the brand knows it's a toiletry pouch not a clutch. Buy a real clutch.
  10. +1
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    I just bought a toiletery 26 a month ago and use it as an everyday bag for work. I put Emily wallet, 6-key ring holder, a large phone, lip gloss, a pack of mint roomy. Love the functionality and the price indeed.

    Sorry for the pic, I tried to rotate it, but kept failing.

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  12. It depends on where you are going? If you are just off to the mall/supermarket to grab something, i find it ok. But if you are attending wedding, dinners or anything formal, i find it inappropriate and i will get a proper clutch to go like eva or favorite.

  13. omgggg is that the fendi monster charm??
  14. Yes, it's a Fendi monster. It makes a simple bag look more fun. You should get one or two or more....doll. More bugs come in in early May.
  15. If it's good enough for Princess Di to use as a clutch then it's good enough for me!
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