Toiletry Pouch 26 in Jungle Print

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  1. I'm intending to get one of Jungle Print toiletry pouches.

    However, I'm having a hard time deciding whether to get the one with the red dots or the one with the blue dots.

    Every other hour I change my mind on which to get.

    Do let me know which you would get.

    Also, being a limited edition piece (as oppose to classic), do you think it will look dated a few years down the road?
  2. It's my opinion that a lot of the silk screened prints LV does will eventually be dated. They're fun for the moment. If you get one i would get the red dots.
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    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    Only buy it if you LOVE it. Because in my opinon, yes the prints get dated eventually.

    I have a graffiti speedy (stephen sprouse) and I bought it when it came out because I love it. I still use it today (last time was 2 weeks ago, when summer started) but even I had to admit it looked very dated. My friend who went out with me even saw my bag and said, "Wow, rockin it old school!" Lol! I didn't care though because I really love the bag and it makes me smile.

    If you want me to chose on a print for the toiletry pouch, i would say blue dots.

    On a bigger bag though, i would get red dots. :smile:
  4. Def. red dots.
  5. Yes. Too many screen printed items. And there are more coming for the fall/winter. I think Louis Vuitton needs to stop with these prints for a while.

    Anyway, I think the red dots is very conservative and the blue dots is much edgier. I would pick the blue dots.
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  6. The blue dots are amazing, much nicer than the red & pink
  7. I chose the blue dots because while I love pink, the interior is too sickly pink for me. The blue is edgier and while it may date in time, I'd rather see something fun in my collection than something safe.
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460377117.801288.jpg

    How cool is this?.. I was in the same position as you! And went this way!
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  9. An LE SLG has better longevity than an LE screened bag. If you love it, get it. I prefer the blue!
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  10. I vote for the blue dots, such a beautiful pop of colour
  11. Hmm, the jungle print does not seem to be getting a lot of love.
  12. I am not too worried. I am sure it will sell just fine! 😄
  13. I love the Blue dots! What color is the inside? Can you post a pic?
  14. In the two stores I been to there are plenty of blue dots and I'm on the waiting list for red. My SA and most of them in the store said they can't give the blue away. I'm a pink girl. I think the blue looks a little Americana so I'm not a fan.
  15. That's an interesting way of looking at the blue dots print. I'm leaning towards the red dots myself.