Toiletry pouch 26 as a clutch ?!! Yes / no ??!!

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  1. (This is my first thread ever in TPF, i'm so excited lol)

    I been a fan of medium size to big bags all the time since I first start obsessing with bags. But now, I feel like I need something small in my collection, since I start to carry less and less stuff (wallet & phone) and doesn't feel like using big bags.

    I bought a Bal Cosmetics Bag RH durring summer, and sold it two days letter because it just didn't suits me. Only LV does :P

    Now I'm looking at the Toiletry Pouch 26..The price isn't that high (i'm saving up money for my other wishlist + christmas & tons of birthdays are coming) and I don't have any SLGs yet!!

    But then the idea of getting an Eva just also came up in my mind as well. It looks more chic, the strap make it even more comfortable and easy to go around. The only problem is that I don't know is it going to be too girly for me or not. ( I'm a 5'9 guy, 130 ish pounds)

    So.. between

    - Toiletry Pouch 26
    - Mono Eva
    - Damier Eva

    Which one would you get + why ??!! I need helppp!!!!!
    Thanks for your answers :smile:
  2. I think the Eva is beautiful, but honestly, for a guy I think the toiletry pouch is a much better idea. Marc Jacobs carried one of the larger ones as a clutch and I thought it looked great!
  3. I say for a guy go for the toilletry pouch! The Eva is too girly, I think, even with the chain tucked in.
  4. yes
  5. I use the Poche Toilette 26 as a clutch sometimes... I love it!

  6. Yes on the toiletry pouch. No on the Eva.
  7. Yeah, the Eva might suit your style better. I see that you like smaller bags to begin with, so for you, I say get the Eva.
  8. omg i am a girl and at first i thought what??? get an eva! but after seeing onmymind's picture i think it looks great! now i want to use one as a clutch too!
  9. OOh I love how it looks with OnMyMiNd04. Toiletry pouch 26 is the way to go:tup:
  10. Not an eva honey... Toiletry pouch seems like a good idea... What about a Wapity?
  11. OnMyMiNd04 you look good with your Poche Toillette !!
    Thanks for sharing the pics ^____^

    boyoverboard , bagluv4ever , airborne , lelliebunny , louislover260, senzafine, puzzlenop , Princess Saf Thanks for your kind comments !! ;)

    So it's 8 for the Toilette 26, and 1 for the Eva

    p.s I just called my ex-bf (who is good at math) to ask him to help me convert cm into feet. ( I'm not use to using inches at all).

  12. I vote the Damier Eva. BUT I did see the Toiletry Pouch used as a clutch at a Redskins game and it looked tres chic!
  13. IMO, the Toilery Pouch 26 might be more stylish for you than the Eva. Eva's a great bag but very girly. Good luck with your decision. Looking forward to modeling pics.
  14. I work with a high fashion girl who recently told me she wants to get the Toiletry Pouch 2 and as clutch too! (great minds think alike!) I think the Toiletry Pouch 26 is a fabulous idea, not too fem, and also affordable! I just bought the TP 19 to use as my makeup bag BUT I can also use it as clutch. I just thought of a great idea so I could use it as a wristlet and make it easier to hold on to......

    I put my Affiche Mini Pochette INSIDE my TP 19 and the chain fits through the opening on one, not only can I hold on to my TP19 with the chain, but I can use my pochette to separate and hold things like my CC, ID, etc without worry of them falling out....:happydance:
  15. Get the pouch