Toiletry 26.... did you ever see it available for purchase online ?

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  1. Toiletry 26.... did you ever see it available for purchase online ?

    I know this item is in high demand so I didn't know if it was available for purchase at all via online ?
    How do you find this item ???
  2. Yes, about 2 weeks ago at night. I was hoping a PF'er would get it.
  3. yes i purchased one last week.. but its too big and wanting the 19 but its never available online or at store. store did have 15 available few weeks ago.
  4. Was this online when you saw it ? was it gone immediately ?
  5. did you buy yours at the store ?
  6. Yes but a long time ago. It’s like you have to stalk it daily and suddenly, randomly they’re available ... then they’re gone again :smile:
  7. It was available on the US website this morning. I was browsing the three sizes but wanted the 19 since I already have the 26. Anyways, keep checking!
  8. the 26 was purchased online. i was checking the website daily for 19 and noticed 26 was available and just purchased it. but now.. i don't know whether to return it or not.. its too big for me but i don't have the 19 so feel like i should keep it :sad:
  9. me too!! i can't work thinking and stalking the site for the 19!! :sad:
  10. I have purchased all 3 at various times on the website over the past 2 weeks. The 15 however is "pending" but they say my order has been accepted..whatever that means :smile:
  11. around what time were you able to purchase ?
  12. Sorry, just saw this. Yes, it was online - US site maybe about 9:00 PM, I posted the availability in the clubhouse. I think it was gone by the next day. That was the only time that I saw it. I have the 19 and not interested but was hoping that a PF'er would get it. I was able to put it in my cart and go through the process. Then, once I posted it, I released it. I haven't seen it since.
  13. I saw it available once before xmas for 10 minutes before it was sold out and then once in January but it sold out before I could complete the transaction. I ended up getting tired of stalking it so I went to my local boutique and ended up putting my name on the waiting list. When the prices increased recently, I decided to put a deposit/pay for it upfront to avoid paying more in the future. I received a text message from my boutique today informing me that it arrived and is ready for pick up. It took 12 days from when I paid. In the future, that is definitely the way to go.