toiletry 19...worth it?

  1. Hi! Do you guys think this is worth the cost? I would use it as makeup pouch I think for the most part for travel, weekend etc. I have a vanity where I keep most my makeup everyday. Plus, use smaller bags daily (alma B.B. currently). Would love to know thoughts and wear and tear. Anyone have pics of what makeup can fit inside?
  2. Depends. I use mine to carry my small stuff such as lotion, lippy, hand sanitizers, tweezers, etc. it is something I carry every day.
  3. I’m also interested in hearing what others have to say. I also need a pouch to carry all my small things (lipstick, blush, hair band, Band aids, etc) but then I can always just get an inexpensive pouch from practically anywhere and not have to worry about maje up stains...
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  4. You can wipe the inside of this it is not cloth interior.
  5. I've use mine daily for the last 3 years and keep similar stuff as Cornishmon and women stuff. It's a handy item to keep my bags organized. It still looks like the day I got it. Very little signs of wear.
  6. I bought mine a few years back and ended up selling it. I don't know what I was on that day ... I think I was listing a bunch of SLGs and I went trigger happy? I regretted it the very next day after I shipped it out. Luckily, I was able to find one in excellent condition and had to repurchase it. I think it's a great makeup bag, holds a ton, and I will never part with it again. I carry lipglosses, hand lotion, roller ball, small hair brush, bandaids, pantyliners, alcohol wipes, lens cleansing wipes, neosporin, hair ties in it. It fits in my smallest bags, Siena MM and empreinte montaigne mm.
  7. I use mine everyday. It hold all of my misc. items and is what allows me to change bags quickly.
  8. I gave m PT19 to my aunt, I never cared for it. I prefer the Cosmetic Case in GM size.
  9. I have all 3 toiletry pouches and the 19 is my favorite. I use all three - but the 19 is the perfect size for lipstick, face powder, hair ties or a large barrett, hand cream, ear buds, etc. and it fits in most bags. I think it's well worth it.
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  10. I use it everyday to hold make-up, lady products, medicine, wipes, bandaids, hand sanitizer to keep my purse tidy.
  11. Yes! I had all 3 sizes but sold the 26 and 15. I love 19 so much that considering repurchasing the other 2 sizes again!
  12. Do you recommend this as a cosmetic case for travel ?
  13. I use mine as a cosmetic case, and never leave home without it when I travel. Has held up beautifully.
  14. I use mine daily- it’s been a while since I rotated to my small cosmetics. I love the slim shape and it really holds more than you think. I use a tiny dab of oil based makeup remover on a cotton ball to get tough stains out ( think eyeliner or mascara ) and it works like a charm.
    The 26 is perfect for travel along with the Trousse Toilette.
  15. Which do you prefer? Debating over 19 or 26. I don’t need to carry makeup w/ me daily if that helps