Toiletry 15 and 19: Discontinued?

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  1. Hi all,
    This is my first time posting in the LV forum, I am not so familiar with LV and want your opinion on the buying process.

    I have been on the hunt for the toiletry 15 and 19 - however, this has been out of stock for a while on the LV AU page. My store has been quite unhelpful - they just keep trying to sell me the other cosmetics pouch. And when I keep insisting on the toiletry they just tell me its discontinued. I even called the phone line and they just gave me a vague statement about how LV AU cannot request any stock but they just get what they are sent.

    Is this true? I have had a quick look on ebay, but for the price they are selling it pre-loved, I would much prefer to buy a brand new one from the boutique.

    Thank you! :confused1::flowers:
  2. Hi and welcome to the LV forum! The 15 and 19 are still being produced, so don't worry, but it will take France and Spain a while to catch up on all of the back orders as they're responsible for the global supply...sadly poor Australia and New Zealand are quite a ways away from Europe (and anyone else) so it takes even more time. Hang in there and ask your closest store to put you on a waiting/contact list.
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  3. Not discontinued. These items are in great demand. It took me about 2 weeks to get a tp26 in Canada . I hope they get it in soon. Hang in there. These pouches are better than the cosmetic pouches imo so it's worth the wait. I agree- I wouldn't buy from eBay used if it's close to buying new price.
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  4. Thanks for the feedback - I did not think these were discontinued and I thought it was the case of having a lazy SA who is only interested in making a quick sale. Anyway, I have asked twice in 2 different occasions and it appears they do not want to put me on the waitlist since they are insistent that its discontinued - I guess that's the issue when you don't have a relationship with an SA. However having said that, my recent experience with my LV does not really make me want to form a relationship with any SA.
    I will try with the phone line.
  5. 2 weeks is not that long. I have been on the hunt for a few months now.
    But funny thing is I can get the 26 on the website.
    Thanks for the feedback. I will have to be patient then :smile:
  6. Lol yeah I know it's not that long compared to ur wait of a few months. I hope you get ur item soon. It sucks when they give u misinformation that it's discontinued. Good luck.
  7. So an update - I called the phone number who said that they will get in touch with my local store to get a 15 transferred to my store and put me on the 19 wait list. They were not really willing to sell it to me on the phone for some reason? They preferred me to go in store to buy it

    Will you believe that I the got a phone call from the store asking me if I am sure if that's what I want! She told me that T15 is very small (which I told her I was aware) and that she does not think that the t19 will ever arrive in stock. She asked me if I had seen the cosmetic pouch before and if I would prefer this piece instead.

    :yucky: Dealing with LV has been so frustrating!! Who knew that getting some toiletry pouches would be so difficult.
  8. Sad to hear your store is being annoying about getting the piece you want.

    But not discontinued and they are out there.

    Hope you get your t15 and 19 soon.
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  9. I don't know why they are pushing the cosmetic pouch on u. It's obvious u know what u want. I have the 15 and 19 also and they're great pieces.
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  10. Those stores are just being difficult; they're usually reluctant to sell high-demand items over the phone, instead preferring their in-store clientele, and are probably hoping that you'll either give up or more likely just buy something else. Um no. I'm not sure where you live, besides Australia (it's a big country), but try getting in contact with the LV at Surfer's Paradise/Gold Coast; I've always received consistently phenomenal service from their team and it's really easy to build a relationship over the phone with one of the SAs there. I'm sure they would be willing to help you out and put your name on a waiting list.
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  11. I am so happy to update those of you that have commented that I have BOTH pieces now!!

    I still cannot believe it!!

    So just to update, after my last weird phone call from Lv, I was not holding out hope that I would get both pieces. She told me that she will request the T15 from another store but was not optimistic that the T19 would come in.

    So when I got a text today saying that I had something to collect, I assumed that it would be the T15. But to delight and surprise, when the SA returned from the back, she had a larger piece. It was the T19! It turns out that Australia got restocked today! And so I got my greedy hands on BOTH of them! (The T15 was waiting at the back for me )


    On a side note, I told the SA that serviced me today about my past bad experience with the store. She thought it was a weird thing for them to tell me. She thinks that it may be because I visited the store on the weekend, and may have been served by a less experience SA. Who knows?
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  12. congrats on getting your TP 15 and 19 -- I have both and they are great -- know you will enjoy using them!!
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  13. Congrats!!! Enjoy ur lovely pieces.
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  14. Congrats! The TP 19 is my favorite cosmetic pouch and the 15 is just perfect for smaller bags. :smile:
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  15. You are going to LOVE both pieces! I use both in my speedy every single day. I use the 15 for my compact and meds that I take regularly then lip gloss and everything else I carry with I keep in the 19. Congratulations!!!!
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