Toilet Themed Restaurant

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  2. thank u prada:heart: but i cant imagine myself eating there:sick:
  3. That is so freakin' gross!!!! Not a good place for a first embarassing would that be sittin' on a toilet?!
  4. omg that is nasty i'm going to be :sick:
  5. can people eat there???:sick:
  6. ahha I think thats soo cool!! though, I probably wouldnt eat there also. Even though that place gets scrubbed clean everyday.. I think its just the atmosphere haha cool idea though!
  7. YUCK! The dishes the food is served on are miniature versions of those Japanese/Chinese style toilets that you have to squat over. Nasty!!
    Thanks for sharing though ^^
  8. Yuck!
  9. Ahahahha.. urinal shaped bowls... Love it..

    You dont even need to get up if you need to do a #2.
  10. hahahah :roflmfao:

    i kinda wanna go there :shame: ummmmm.. i mean.. i'd like to visit that eating establishment :lol:
  11. :roflmfao: how can people eat there?
  12. I have kitchen cleanliness issues... I'd never eat there!!!!!!!!!!!! :yucky:
  13. that looks..... sanitary (sarcasm)
  14. That's digusting, I wouldn't even walk in there.