Toilet case-please post pictures!!!!!

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  1. Ok- I'm kind of obsessing over this~ well, it's one of my obsessions!:heart: :lol: If you have one please post pictures!!!! TIA!:smile: I'd love to see as many colors as I can!
  2. Here's my grenat toilet case. It can fit a lot and the more I use it the better the leather gets.:yes:
    b-bag grenat 042.jpg
  3. Oooooh, thats a keeper! Love the chubbyness of it! Do they still make it or is it a retired style?
  4. I think it's a new style, so you're in luck! ;)
  5. It's from this season and I think it's the first season they're doing it. I love it a lot because it's so soft and smushy and it's pretty big inside. I actually never filled it up because all things I need just take half of the space. ( 1 lip balm, 1 lip stick, 2 blottimg papers, asprin, ibuprofen, nose drops, band aids, compact powder, mirror )
  6. Aw, that's an awfully cute little one! There is just no size that the Balenciaga moto-style is not beautiful in!
  7. I may just have to call Bny tomorrow and see if they have any! I have lots of traveling back and forth to Arizona before we will be perfect...gotta find out how much they are too...trying really hard to not charge anything!
  8. I had called BNY for the larger one and she said they're sold out, even out of the smaller one so to wait until next season. Tanja, where did you get yours? She said they never got the smaller ones (?!) and that they never got the larger one in brighter colors. Maybe another retailer has a better selection.
  9. I would love to see a picture of the larger one! I think I saw one in black at Gretta Luxe last month. It looked like two small toilet cases sewn together- do you know what I mean?
  10. The toilet case is so cute! How much is it? I didn't see it listed on the ateliernaff website. Also does anyone know the dimensions of the small vs. the larger one?
  11. I would like to know the dimensions of both as well!
  12. I bought it at Theresa here in Munich. They ship internationally. Here's the phone no.0049-89-224845
  13. Bump!

    3 weeks later...... does anyone else have either size of this toilet case???

    Post pics!
  14. I don't think anywhere in north america got these in colors other than black and brown, atleast in the large size. BNY told me maxfield and Barney's LA ordered some but neither one had them.
  15. There are 2 LARGE toilet cases at Gretta Luxe! Black and rouge vif!