1. I'm not sure if the canvas on the vintage Hermes bags is referred to as toile, but does anyone know if it can be cleaned? Does Hermes provide this service? I'm planning to call my local Hermes shop, but thought I should ask the H experts here first ;) Thanks in advance for your responses :flowers:
  2. I believe it can. I also believe it was called toile back then, too!:yes:
  3. Yes, Hermes does clean toile. Just bring your bag to your local Hermes store and they'll do the rest ;)
  4. There is an awesome combo birkin 30 on e-bay right now!
  5. I saw that. It does look pretty dirty, though!
  6. Melisande...the toile on the vintage bags does not look's kinda greyish-white simply due to age. It's lovely though (especially combined with black leather) and H does clean it. If you're going to get a toile/leather combo and it's vintage, make sure it has no cracking on the leather anywhere as I don't believe that can be fixed. Anyone?
  7. Thanks for the info., shopmom. I definitely love those toile combinations.
  8. Me, too. Very classic.
  9. ... which brings me to: Yesterday I received a vintage herbag from eBay. Lucked out, it is authentic. I couldn't say the fabric is 'toile' in any sense of the word, but looks more like ameshlike material with a sort of rubbery covering ion the lining. It is a little smudged in places and wondered if H would refurbish it. The leather top has a few scratches that could be removed also.
    However! My main problem is - I am sure you have been besieged by this one: I got it apart and can't get it back together : ( Three hours later I gave up. I got the pole out and the funny screw end off and the other parts sat and looked at me. I don't know which end of the lock goes where, which of the flaps goes where, etc. No directions bec it came from eBay. Does anyone know about this bizarre experience?? Thanks for help. j
  10. Hi JBW, sorry to be of no help what so ever, but I am sure one our herbag ladies will come forward soon. If not, repost this in a new thread entitled ' airbag emergency'!
  11. I'd go ahead and repost.....

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    and, welcome to tPF!
  12. oh i love toile combination.. :heart:
  13. Hi, putting the Herbag together is easy:

    You have the big flab with the big hole. The big hole points to the front. Then you have the two handles and the strap. The strap is on the outside of the handles, so it goes: strap, outer handle, inner handle ________ (leather part) inner handle, outer handle, strap. Lay the flap out in this position and then just push the rod through, tie the screw, that's it. The cadena (lock) goes on the backside of the bag where the little hook is. If you want, you can hook it also into the whole of the leather strap in the front, but it is not so practical.
  14. Toile acutally will out last the leather in combo bags. I once heard it is the same material as fire hoses. No idea if this is true, but it is tough.
  15. Can anyone tell me if toile and leather combo is less expensive than all leather?