toile vespa?

  1. if anyone has a toile vespa i'd love to see a pic of the inside. i just got an ebay "bargain" that i think is a clunker -- but i've got nothing to compare it to.

    thx! :flowers:
  2. That's the bag with the the togle closure, DQ right?
  3. yep -- exactly!

    there's a lot that's right about it, but i don't like the way the inside pocket looks.
  4. Ahhh....DQ, can you post a pic? WOuld it be hard to take an inside shot?
  5. hard only because i'm an idiot and misplaced the camera . . . :Push: i was going to post a pic in the authenticate thread . . . .

    anyway, i want to put it in the mail to them ASAP if i need to return the thing so i was hoping to get a pic or even a description -- this one is unlined toile and has a pocket of plain fabric -- not the chevron fabric i would have expected.
  6. Ok...>DQ, I have seen them and yes they have only the plain linen pocket. LZ had one once so I remember seeing theirs. Plain pocket inside. Nothing schmancy. Which size did you get?