Toile swift combination Kelly

  1. Anyone has one of these Kellys? If yes, are there any pics available and what is your feedback on this bag? Thanks :p
  2. I sure do. Black boxcalf and toile Hermes...I love fact, I think it is the quinessential Hermes bag...but I am VERY partial to toile.....I'd have every bag in toile and be happy!
  3. I have to agree, it´s so subtly H and always so classy, love it!
  4. I saw one on the shelf at the H boutique the other day and all of the ladies were asking to see it.
  5. Heh heh, count me as another toile fan. I've already got three bags in leather and toile, and would love more.
  6. Charlotte had a 35 birkin in toile/swift combo - it was a beauty!! I also want some combo of this....
  7. I want this combo in a birkin. I saw a white/toile 28 kelly at KOP a week or so ago. Very nice.
  8. No, but I've seen it in 2 stores recently...lovely bags...I wonder if they are using swift instead of barenia because of issues with availability of barenia...have not seen many barenia bags recently, with the exception of a small picotin.
  9. I love the combination Kelly! Just thinking about it early in the morning made me excited:wlae:
    It makes any outfit more interesting and sophisticated, and I consider it to be the ultimate neutral, more neutral than any neutral color there, with exception, perhaps, of white, for the warm weather.
    It's so perfect for the spring/summer and year around for the warm weather places.
    I would love to order one in Natural or Ebene Barenia with Toile, retourne.
    I like the combination Birkin too, but for me, personally, the Kelly with toile would be more practical because of the smaller size and shoulder strap option (in Birkin I really prefer the 35 size for combo bags).
    ITA with GF and other ladies here - it's a quintessantial classic and will always remain to be so.
    I hope that Barenia will be available at least in combo bags...
  10. I tried a white swift/toile either 28 or 32 Kelly at a boutique. I loved it.
  11. I'm joining the Toile train too. LOVE this combo, it's in my top 5 list of bags to get in the next couple years. :heart:
  12. [​IMG]

    hermes kelly 28 retourne, toile and white swift leather, souple stitch, palladium hardware, stamp K.
    handrolled scarf twilly un jardin sur le nil

    i just love this combo toile...easy to match with my outfit, i can wear it casual or formal ;)
  13. srierani--That is one gorgeous Kelly!
  14. any issues with swift when it scratches? does it refurbish well?
  15. I love the toile combos - it's my first choice for a kelly! Not so sure about a Birkin but then I haven't really seen one whereas I have drooled over a friend's toile/barenia Kelly!