Toile SOS

  1. As some of you will know, I am a toile lover. I love the toile combos in Kelly's, Birkins, Bolides, clutches - everything! Last year I was this close to buying the 35 toile/white clemence Birkin that I had been coveting for months, but went with the chamonix instead, partly because I was talked out of having a bag with white handles by my SA, who told me horror stories of bags coming in with yellowy or greyish handles!
    However, I STILL need a toile fix, and have recently been discussing options with SA (the usual: natural barenia, ebene, black, white, all the typical combos)....BUT, he just suggested something I hadn't considered: toile with etoupe. I think I like it.....what do you all think?

    By the way, I haven't decided on the bag, yet. It will be either a Kelly 28, Birkin 35 or a Bolide 31.
  2. I think toile with etoupe would be gorgeous. I am a big fan of both. Very unusual, very chic!
  3. Thanks C! I wonder what leather? Does etoupe come in box? Or would I have to get clemence?
  4. Etoupe Clemence with Toile sounds yummy GF!!!
  5. etoupe comes in togo, clemence or swift. etoupe with toile would be stunning with either gold or palladium hardware!
  6. and chevre, but I don't think chevre would work on toile. OK, looks like clemence it is. With white stitching. MAn, I can't believe I'm placing an order for July Podium in March!
  7. I'm a big fan of Etoupe. And I can vouch that Etoupe in Clemence is beautiful. So with the toile, you will have one striking bag, one of a kind!! I will have to see pics of THAT!
  8. as much as i adore my etoupe clemence bag, if paired w/ toile, i would suggest getting etoupe in swift.
  9. Etoupe looks richer in Swift and the smooth texture will provide a nice elegant contrast to the textured white toile..
  10. Do you think there will be enough contrast between the etoupe and the toile as far as color? Think you would want the texture of clemence.

    It you want a cheap toile fix, go for a GP in toile.
  11. Hi GF,

    I think the etoupe/toile with phw and contrast white stitch will make a stunning combination especially in a Kelly. The unique combination will definitely compliment and give the elegant structure of the Kelly a timeless but contemporary look. Etoupe reminds me of the Valparaiso leisure bag in etoupe swift and etoupe toile combination which I like and have seen in the store lately. I am just not so crazy about the toile material used for the handles. But etoupe with white toile will always look fresh and elegant. Go for it!

  12. ^ I have a Herbag in toile, but I need an answer to my "need a white/toile, but not prepared to deal with grey handles" problem - LMAO!!!!

    Geez....maybe I'll just go with the good old toile/barenia like LaVan.....H is going to wonder what the hell is going on with all these combo orders LOL!!
  13. Ohhhh, thanks J!
  14. GF, my two cents worth is toile and barenia.

    It will look different as barenia develops the patina.
  15. Thanks P!

    I'm leaning towards the Kelly.