Toile/leather combos - Seasonal? Love it? Hate it?

  1. So let's talk toile/leather combos...

    Am I being too stringent in my thought that toile/leather is more of a spring/summer combo? Do any of you use your toile/leather pieces year round?

    I'm trying to make a decision on a piece but would love to hear your thoughts. Do you love toile? Hate it? Please share your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. love it. i have 2 and have already ordered another one. wish there was a toile thread in the reference section.

    i dont use em in the winter tho. i once saw a woman with an oreo birkin (black n white) in the dead of winter and I wasnt too sure how i felt how it looked with her thick navy wool coat. . .
  3. AL- I guess it would be how you wear it. I use all my babies year round. Imagine black& toile purse, you wearing black wide-leg slacks, grey cashmere v-neck boyfriend sweater, white Chanel pearl necklace, and black patent leather slingbacks....nice Winter combo!
  4. I have the same Oreo birkin:p and plan to use her this Winter as well;).
  5. Was that YOU at the Antique Show with the winter coat? :wtf:

    J/K. The oreo birkin I saw was a vintage one. I have been coveting an oreo birkin for 7 years but everytime it comes up -- like this past summer -- I cant pull the trigger. I am such a slob and my toile trim is such a mess that I am only comfortable with colored toile bags
  6. I have a few, and only ever use them in Spring & Summer.
  7. I guess it is just a matter of personal choice. I really like putting the toile and natural crinoline away in the fall, so I can look forward to using them again come spring.
    My Oreo Birkin is just about my favorite H bag. When I get it out in the spring, I fall in love all over again.
  8. I'm currently in love with Toile Militaire, and while I think of that largely as a bag best suited to autumn, that doesn't stop me from lusting over it!

    As for the traditional Toile, while I think it's stunning, I'm just not sure it's practical for me personally so I don't own any bags done in it. I do tend to think of it more as a non-winter bag, but really I could see it easily spanning the seasons from spring right through autumn. I think it's because of the richness of Barenia (I'm referring here primarily to the Toile & Barenia combination).

    Mmm, Oreos. I love the look of those bags! I have never had the good fortune to acquire one, but they are really lovely.
  9. I reckon, if I had the choice, toile combo for warm months, troika combo for cool months. !!!!
  10. i have a couple kellys that is normally use during summer/spring - that's because it's the white/toile and dark brown barenia/toile combo - can't pull it off in fall or winter!

    but i love them - they're so classic hermes, IMO.
  11. Thanks, everyone.

    It's really difficult to decide because, as I've said, I just can't see it working for winter but then again, I live in San Francisco and there really is no such thing as winter!
  12. I love the look! If you live in a "seasonless" climate, it can work year round. I don't know about really cold weather, though... but I thought simplyprincess' description of a winter outfit using toile sounded sensational.
  13. While I LOVE toile/leather combos and have had a few I am such a slob that I panic too much when I use them. I'd love a Barenia/Toile Kelly one of these days if I can get over myself.....

    AL We live not too far from each other and I can tell you that unless it's pouring outside, toile/leather combo bags would work year round for us. Go for it! You won't regret it!!!
  14. I agree that if you live in SF, you can use toile all year round.
  15. I love toile & leather combination in various styles of H bags. I think it gives the original bag design an interesting character and highlights the shape and contours of the bag. Not only is it considered bi-color but 2 different beautiful materials ( leather and linen canvas) are "married" together into a gorgeous ensemble. Not to mention the contrast stiching that goes with it. This is the reason I recently purchased a 28cm plume when I found it in toile/barenia combination.
    toile_barenia_birkin_plume_3.jpg toile_barenia_birkin_plume_2.jpg toile_barenia_birkin_plume.jpg