Toile leather combo

  1. Hey TPFs,

    Of late, I have developed a liking for toile leather combos. What do you think of this combo - picture from Loire - Japan. I probably want it in a 30cm instead of 35cm. Dull? Classic?

  2. I like it, Archangel.......although my personal preference would be for Barenia/Toile but this one is a lovely neutral!
  3. That's what my SA wanted me to order in lieu of the white/toile that I wanted. I like it. I also LOVE ebene/toile.
  4. Love it, classic.
  5. MrsS, Asa and I saw a Etoupe/Toile combo (similar to the one you posted above) and I personally think it's gorgeous! :heart:
  6. I love the look of the toile/combo...but what changed my mind was lack of a full leather I decided on the bolide combo instead as it has a full leather bottom...but that's because my lifestyle requires it lol!!
  7. I agree with shoes. The bag above is lovely; my personal preference though for a toile combo would be the natural barenia/toile, and the toile bottom is also an issue for me in terms of practicality...
  8. I personally love it the combo.
  9. the houston store had this combo in etoupe swift/toile combo and it was gorgeous! a friend snapped it up in no time!
  10. I love toile/leather. (see avatar!) I think it is completely fresh looking for spring, but at the same time classic. I LOVE the look in a birkin but I guess I'm afraid I would also be at great risk to trash the bottom. If I had one, I would consider it a "special occasion" bag as opposed to an "everyday" bag. (ex. weddings, luncheons etc.)
  11. Its gorgeous.. classic
  12. Absolutely classic and beautiful. I love this look because it is just enough different from most toiles to be fresh.
  13. I use my little Bleu Marine/Toile Kelly almost every day in the Spring/Summer and the toile on the bottom is as clean and fresh as the day I got her. AND she's vintage!

    I'm very, very impressed with these combos.....I think they are wonderful warm weather bags that make almost any daily outfit chic! I wear jeans a lot and the color-ways that look best is the Bleu Marine/Toile and the Barenia/Toile....I'm thinking the Ebene/Toile would work as well but I haven't seen that combo IRL yet.......would LOVE to though!!!!
  14. I know we're talking about Birkins here but here's the Bleu Marine/Toile Kelly I have.....and the black Box Kelly.......the Bleu is really fresh against the Black IMO and wonderful for Spring/Summer.

    Do they make Birkins in this Bleu or Navy with toile????