Toile/Leather combination H bags

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Please take a moment and share your experience and photos of owning a toile/leather combination H bag. I just find them very aesthetically interesting and the combination seems to emphasizes the unique design of particular style of H bag. I am blessed to have found 2, a birkin and plume both in H toile/natural barenia combination. I am planning to acquire some other styles in the future perhaps either a 40cm Kelly or HAC. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for sharing.

    toile_barenia_birkin_plume.jpg toile_barenia_birkin_plume_b.jpg toile_barenia_birkin_plume_c.jpg
  2. J - your bags are so beautiful - I hope to own that same Plume, someday. I think toile is the quintessential Hermes bag - I love mine in the summertime! My very first H bag, purchased in Paris at FSH was the Herbag, and I bought it primarily because I loved the combo of the vache naturale withe the toile H. I also have a toile H and black boxcalf Kelly that is around 50 years old, and it receives more compliments than any of my other bags! SUCH a great combination, toile and leather, and Hermes does it so well!!!!
  3. Your Toile/Barenia bags are beautiful, JH! And inspirational!! Personally I haven't got one yet, but I would love a toile/barenia Kelly Longue!!! Or maybe a Lindy. I love both those bags in the toile/leather combo.

    Can't wait to see more pics from others.
  4. you bags and pictures are so exquisite, JH!

    I saw your plume in 32 cm at a consignmemnt shop recently but bawked at the price. Especially since I already have a trim31 in gold/toile
  5. I guess it's just you and me who are gaga over the toile/leather bags, JH ;)

    Trim II and Birkin 35
    Both toile/clemence.

  6. No no - not at all Seton. I'm gaga :p... just haven't got mine..... yet :graucho:
  7. Grands Fonds-Thanks for sharing. Your toile Kelly sounds wonderful. It reminds of Grace Kelly's but with a dark leather.

    Jasperella - Thanks. I think the toile/barenia combination would look stunning in a Kelly Longue.

    Seton - Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection of toile/leather handbags. BTW, the plume in my photo is actually a size 28cm and not 32cm. It looks bigger in the photo because of the H toile.

    Handybags - I can't wait for you to get your toile combo bag.
  8. I am waiting for the delivery of a toile/swift lindy. I can't wait.
  9. Thanks JH - I don't feel very patient at the moment :push:
    Lulilu - waitin' right here with ya!:tup:
  10. jaegerhomme, great pictures!! The toile/leather combo is such a great, classic look. :smile:
  11. Ahhh, the dream to add to my collection would be a 30 or 35 toile & natural barenia birkin - yum!
  12. I also have a special place in my Hermes loving heart for toile/leather combination bags. My first H bag was a Herbag in vache natural and toile and my second is my 36cm HAC in toile and barenia :love: I am smitten with the stylings of the toile and leather bags, don't know why, lol.

    JH, your toile/leather bags are just stunning :tender:

    GF, I :heart: your vintage toile/leather Kelly :yes:

    Here is my HAC with the handles twilly tied:

  13. So gorgeous!! Thank you both for posting pics!
  14. LOVE the green. Thanks for sharing picture.
  15. jaegerhomme, what an inspiration for me!!