Toile Birkin - worth it?

  1. Supposed to have a SO for a toile/barenia birkin going in in Feb....question is, for a toile/canvas bag, is it worth it? I know I have several bags and it would be okay to have a seasonal type bag...but still...the money is the same as a leather...does anyone have one? :shrugs:
  2. I was offered the potamus birkin (box with potamus canvas). It was lovely and unusual but I just couldn't bring myself to pay the same as full leather... It would be too high maintenance and would drive me nuts as I am not too careful about my things...
  3. Ummm that's what I'm worried about...I wish the bottom was full leather...
  4. Have one and love it. The combination Birkins are so "Hermes", IMO. When spring comes, it is so much fun to pull it out. Toile is tough and can be cleaned. Sad to put it away in the fall.
  5. I love them, I don't know if they are worth the money because sadly I don't have one. Anything is worth what it cost's when your in love with it!
  6. A toile/berenia Birkin is so Hermes! I have the toile/berenia Trim (like Shopmoms) which I wear during the summer.
  7. I think you should go for it, I passed on a 32 toile/barenia HAC a while back and I'm still kicking myself for it. Even though it's not all leather, it is very unique and beautiful, not something you'll see everyday.
  8. Shoes, you should ask your SA about the new toile combinations that are coming out this year to fully check out your options. I saw a photo from a seller who had one in Swift Havanne/Olive Canvas and it was TDF.
  9. I have one and I certainly dont think its worth less than my all-leather birkins
  10. Go for it! I think toile/barenia Birkins are SO CHIC! I hope one day to own one as well!:yes:
  11. Thanks for the input! I think I'll let it happen!
  12. Toile is one of my dream birkins! The other is black box.
  13. Yes!!:yahoo:
  14. Toile is lovely. Go for it!
  15. Agreement with those who can't bring themselves to pay as much for only a partial leather bag. Also am no crazy about the toile bottom and would much prefer leather, which BTW, the fake ones have leather bottoms LOL!