toile birkin and kelly

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  1. I'm thinking of makeing an order for a toile kelly (or birkin) and I was wondering if it's difficult to maintain. I mean, if it gets dirty and what you think about it.

    I would also love to know which are the colors you can get.

    Could you please post some pictures and tell me your experiences?

  2. 15.000$!!!!! :shocked:

    Is this the price of a toile birkin??

    It's so beautiful though:love:
  3. No, this is the price of a toile birkin in the hands of a reseller. I believe toile birkins are the same price as regular leather birkins.
  4. the color of the toile or the color of the leather?

    The whitish toile is prone to color transfer in my experience. The first time I used my toile Trim, I was wearing a navy silk sweater and there was a subtle blue tinge to areas of the toile from using it that one day. I have read on this forum that H Spa can clean the toile very well but have had no first hand experience since I have yet to take my Trim to Spa.

    I SOed a military olive toile bag and that is holding up nicely.

    I am a slob and I personally would only SO color toile bags even tho the regular natural toile is so classic.
  5. what a rip-off! the same price for half the leather? it might be hermès but canvas is canvas. i'm not really a fan of the toile and leather bags but i'm even less of a fan now that i know they're the same price as the all leather ones.
  6. I really need one!

    I would never buy this kind of birkin from a reseller. I think I would like to be the first one to touch it:heart:
  7. I remember i saw a black and toile kelly 32 in H Madison two summers ago. Too bad i dedn't get it!

    How about the red toile with black stripe? Is it difficult to get it? Is it a SO?
    Are toile in general SO?
  8. Just remember that there is also more labor involved in making these toile bags because of the use of two materials. when I bought them years ago, my toile bags were $400 less than the all leather ones but when I was in Europe this summer, I saw a toile Birkin 35 for 5150 euro and i believe an all Clememce Birkin 35 is 5200 euros?

    Yes, I do agree that toile bags should be a little more less than the all-leathers but since when is H ever fair regarding prices? <shrugs>
  9. I've been having the same thoughts about a toile Kelly. I have never seen one in real life though... love these
    Ivanka and toile Kelly.jpg grace kelly.jpg
  10. I don't have one, but I heard that color transfer from jeans has been a problem for some.
  11. They are gorgeous. One is on my must have for my collection list. I am a bit hesitant tho because the bottom is not all leather but mostly toile/canvas. Like seton, I should probably go for the military olive.
  12. I think Ivanka's kelly is killer. I would like to get one with either a BJ or rouge H trim.
  13. there is also jean toile and black toile. I was thinking of doing of placing an order of black barenia/black toile but I was afraid it was gonna be mistaken for a Herbag so i didnt.:sad:
  14. I'm tough on bags but caved when I saw a toile and ebene evercalf Kelly. It hasn't had a lot of wear, but I don't baby it and it looks fine. I was told that toile cleans well. I love that look and am yearning for a gold and toile 30 Birkin.