Toile/Barenia Bolide......?

  1. how tattered/discolored/wrecked would a Toile/Barenia Bolide look after a while? The Barenia part......not so much the toile part........ know wondering......
  2. Everytime you're just 'wondering' you end up with that somethin' on your doorstep lol....sorry can't help you....but somebody does have one here I think!
  3. the toile bolide has a leather bottom, making it one of the "safer" toile choices. :yes:
  4. one from rakuten, i believe, and one from our own sellmysoul.
    toile and black1.jpg sellmysoul's toile combo 3.JPG
  5. OMG! I love those!!!!!!!!!!!! Go for it D! They are gorgeous!
  6. I know the handles will darken over time but the rest of the bag can be "darkened to match". It is a stunning combo. SO CHIC in any style.
  7. Can't wait to see it it sitting on your glass table, S'mom!!
    :graucho: :yes: :heart:
  8. oh god.......i just knew you guys would say this..........oiy...............
  9. Yep...I can totally see it...totally... Would be gorgeous on you!
  10. See, here's the thing. I have a Barenia Trim that's 6-years old and it really looks like it's been through the war. I sort of inherited it in this condition which is fine because it's really my grab-n-go bag for those extremely casual days....(and I mean EXTREMELY casual). But it's got pen mark and scratches and grim on it (I'm hating to admit this.....) and it sort of looks like hell. Not even the spa could help it.

    Now, if I had owned this bag right from the get-go, I would have been my normal, careful, bag-loving self. So all this "mess" is not my doing BUT it does make me pause and think that perhaps this leather will naturally just get "bad" looking with normal wear and tear. And then the whole bag will look bad!

    What do you think?
  11. I have seen well loved and cared for barenia handbags (not shoulder) and they are beautiful but the handles will turn black. It's a look, and may or may not be your thing. I think the bolides pictured above are toile/clemence, a little less to worry about and just as pretty. I have one in ebene clemence /toile and it is very easy to care for. Tough call, barenia is sooo sexy. :yes:

    BTW, I have the same trim as you, it's 3 years old, I use it all the time and it's got a lovely patina but it's a shoulder bag, so there's no black, (also no grime or pen;)). I'm sure yours would be the same way if it came to you new.
  12. I feel like you have enough bags that you wouldn't use it every day for a year if you KWIM -- so it would be some time before the darkening...
  13. Barenia was described to me by an SA as a "lived in" leather. The SA said there are people that adore Box leather and then there are the Barenia lovers. She made it sound like you are one or the other which I found super interesting. Box is very elegant, will show scratches but nonetheless is very "formal". Barenia is the "polar opposite" according to this SA which at the time was older and seemed super wise about leathers. This was years ago, and Hermes seemed to have much more Barenia offerings back then. Anyway, all the Barenia bags I've seen I've either loved or hated. The wear on them has been either spectacular making me wonder if they have ever been carried, or really worn hard and looking quite sad.

    I don't know if any of these musings help you but I would only get it as a "treat" bag that you only bring out when not wearing jeans and not around anything that could hurt it. (Jeans because of dye transfer on the toile.)
  14. Agree that you have so many lovelies that it would never take a beating as an everyday bag for you. For a special bag, it would be truly, well, ..Special!!!
  15. Oh Boy........and I forgot all about the dye transfer!!! I wear jeans almost every day of my life!!!!

    Well girls, as beautiful as it really is, it doesn't look like this is a bag for Shopmom.