Toile B-bag

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  1. I'm NOT a B-bag expert.... But I saw a "larger" rectangle shapped B-bag at my local NM in the toile print! It was white background fabric and red print with brown leather trim. If one of you has been looking for this bag, give them a call. It's the store in San Diego, 619.692.9100. They close at 8pm PST. Ask for Jason--he's a nice SA and should be able to help you!
  2. Ooh! That sounds nice! Was it a City?
  3. I also saw one with I believe it was rust leather trim at NM in White Plains, NY. It was just being taken out to put on display. I believe it was a City. If anyone is interested the phone number is 914-428-2000 extension 2516. Ask for Mann. He's the SA that I buy all my bags from.
  4. I saw the bag in San Diego. I want to say it was a work...I do not recall a shoulder strap. It was quite interesting...but...I know I would mess up the fabric.

    They also had a very nice cognac work.
  5. Is this the one? It's from eBay seller Roz. I've been watching this and contemplating if I should or not... I really like it. I think there was a thread about the toile B bags a while back and most ppl didn't like it esp for the price. But I likies:love::shame:.
  6. I think the toile print was a bit different, but it had the rust trim. The fabric background is white/off-white if I recall and the print is a "faded" blue tone (seemed a bit more subtle than photo). I liked it more than I expected to. It was an interesting bag.
  7. Yeah, that's my main concern. I'm not overly gentle with my bags. I like to treat them with respect but not fuss over them. I've tried to stay away from anything white or suede:wacko:.
  8. Just called NM SD, the toile print they had in stock was the work (they sold it a short time ago). NM is only carrying the toile print in the work size; they did not order it in the city.
  9. Interesting print.
  10. The one I saw had "rust" leather trim and was with red print instead of the blue that's pictured. But I guess it's gone!
  11. The Toile comes in Blue/White with Black Leather and then the Red/White with Red Leather (I kind of prefer the Red). I saw the bag at the new Barney's NY (Copley Place, Boston) last week in the Blue/White-Black combo. Pretty, but not my "cup-of-tea".
  12. it so called ugly and tackey.
  13. That looks like the one I saw at NM in White Plains. It was very pretty.
  14. Nice bag but def not my style. But to me, the attraction of the B bags is the squishy leather.
  15. I saw photos of the Day Bag style in Toile and thought it was gorgeous and different. I would be scared of maintenance, though.