Toile and rain? Yay or nay?

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  1. I have a book release party to go to at Lincoln Center tomorrow night and we are expecting rain in NYC. My Bonwit Teller toile Kelly would look perfect with my outfit but I am not sure if toile can get wet. I will have an umbrella and the Kelly is a 28cm so I can tuck it under my coat if I have to. I would greatly appreciate any advice and suggestions! Thanks ladies!

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  2. i would take it being careful Darling buy clear plastic bags if anything the worse that can happen is that your bag looks like its waiting to go on auction at christies. other tan that perfect !!!!!!!!
  3. It's the box leather that I would be more worried about.
    You can try to protect it with the rain coat and your umbrella but it's such a special bag that I wouldn't risk it.
    Box leather will blister.
  4. With H, I live by the adage of better to be safe than sorry.
    I have a couple of the toile combo bags and I never carry them in the rain, but I never carry any H bag in the rain.
  5. I had a toile/barenia kelly soaked in the rain and it was totally fine.
  6. FWIW, I've actually washed H toile with mild soap under running water, and it dried to a pristine state. I have a barenia/toile Kelly that got very bad dye transfer from a new denim skirt. Feeling as if I had no other option, I held my breath and washed it...was almost shocked at how well it turned out.
  7. Thank you everyone! It looks like I may get lucky and it will just be cloudy tonight but I have the bag's raincoat ready along with a plastic bag tucked inside just in case of a downpour.