Tohu Bohu - New Colour ORANGE

  1. I'd always thought that the prints on the Tohu Bohu were just some sort of repeated designs on the silk until I took this picture and stared at it.

    And also noticed that both Tohu Bohu twillys are cut and sewn with the exact prints. :P


  2. Good observation--oooohh....that orange Tohu Bohu would look perfect with Vert Anis!
  3. I love the orange! Is it new for Fall?
  4. Congrats....

    Lots of NEW GOODIES you got!!

    Mostly this your "CANDY" for your Halloween basket?...

    b/c I like it...not too fattening at all and what a great "TREAT":yahoo:
  5. :yes: I second Orchids! And the red one would go beautifully with your Garden Party, MrsS! :heart:
  6. Image178.jpg

    I really got to run. Chat with all of you when I get back!
  7. I got the orange one for Halloween, wore it today.
  8. The black one seems to go with lots of leather colors:yes:
  9. Love the orange one!!! ;)
  10. I have the black Twilly - this is probably my favorite of all the Hermes scarves! It's so chic and happy!
  11. ^^ Yes, GT. I hope there will be some chic looking new twillys for SS2007. (There is that rumour that twillys will be discontinued ... where are we with this piece of news? Confirmed or unconfirmed?)