Tohu Bohu Cashmere -Do I Keep It?

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  1. I need the help of you wise ladies. Here is the situation: I had seen the cashmere Tohu Bohu shawl on the Hermès Web site and couldn't stop thinking about it. I kept debating whether or not to buy it and by the time I decided to, it was no longer there.

    So, I contacted the Atlanta H boutique and told the SA that I was looking for something to go with orange and brown and was thinking of this shawl. She said yes it would go great with orange and brown. I told her I had never seen it in person and asked about the return policy. She said it would be store exchange only. And she sent me a photo of it. I said I'd take it and it arrived today.

    I quickly snipped the tag off and was ready to wear it when I noticed that each of the colors appear to be outlined in black. I had not noticed this at all from the photos I had looked at.

    So, I didn't want to call Atanta to ask about this so I called the Chicago store and spoke with the SA there and she said this scarf wouldn't look good with brown and that she owns this one and wears it with black. I had asked if it came in other colorways that would work and she said maybe the red colorway, but I am just not in to red right now.

    This year I have become enamoured with brown and have lots of brown slacks, 2 pair of chocolate Uggs and a zillion brown turtlenecks in addition to my chocolate Evelyne and chocolate Muse. So, I am not too excited about having to wear black again. I had worn it for most of my life and now it feels so good to be wearing brown. I'm in my 50s so I think brown just softens my look a bit.

    You can't really see it in the photo but every color and every design in the entire shawl are outlined in a dark pencil-thin rule line.

    So, my questions are:

    1. Do those of you who have this scarf feel that the pencil-thin outline of the colors is in black or could it be interpreted to be dark brown?

    2. Can this shawl be worn with brown?

    3. Should I see if the store has any flexibility for a refund?

    4. What should I do? :confused1: :shrugs: :confused1:

  2. Wish I could help you with some advice on this. You may need to talk with some of the ladies who purchase more goods in the store and deal with exchanges/returns. I hope it works out for you.
  3. Kallie Girl, IMO, the shawl can definately be worn with brown. I absolutely love it!
  4. I agree too! The majority of the colorway is I absolutely think it could be (and should be) worn with brown. I think with black it would look

    That's my thoughts....
  5. I love it and agree with addicted! Enjoy!!!
  6. I third addicted! Your shawl is vibrant and stunning! =)
  7. Gosh, thanks so much!! I have actually been in my bathroom (where the light is extra good) with a magnifying glass trying to see if the rule around the colors is black or maybe could be dark brown!! I'm totally anal!!!:P

    It's weird but one minute it looks like it could get away with being dark brown... then the next, it is looking like black.

    I've been trying it on with lots of outfits and I'm beginning to be OK with it now!! I'm feeling better. :smile: I really appreciate your thoughts on this as you guys are always so chic and stylish.

    Thanks for talking me off the ledge!!! Much appreciated. :flowers:
  8. It's so gorgeous!!!! I've been drooling over it...I love it! :love: and ITA anything with orange looks fabulous with brown!
  9. I like it.
  10. Kallie - I love it & think it would be wonderful with brown! I am sure it would be great with lots of other colors, too - khaki, jeans....I've always loved this pattern . . . HnE
  11. I think it would look great with brown and many other colors, I love this shawl!
  12. Kallie.. I think this will be perfect with brown. Throw it on and own it!!

    Gorgeous :choochoo:
  13. Love it with Brown!
  14. I adore that scarf. Keep it. It will be wonderful with brown!
  15. i love it!!! It works with brown perfectly!!