togo vs courchevel????

  1. all the while i thought my 28 gold kelly/gold hardware
    was togo.
    but mario is sure it is courchevel.
    ive studied hg's leather post.
    as posted way back, i acquired Miss Kelly from an acquaintance of mine who has a vault room for her collection, with a vault door bigger than a bank's!!!!
    i understand thru hg, courchevel (and i clearly see the differences between courch and epsom) is no longer used for larger items.
    why do u think?
    seem:heart: s epsom is being used alot these days.
  2. I remember being told it was discontinued due to "production problems" (have no idea what this means). I do know a gal who was the asst. manager at my boutique, she owns about 14 Birkins and Kellys. She told me her favorite is her Courcheval Birkin as it is indestructible.
  3. Courchevelle,
    was discontinued two years ago, I believe... neither is it currently in production for small leather goods.

    Do you have a picture of your Kelly at hand?
    I am sure it will help to point out, what leather it is made of ;).
  4. Angie, why don't you post a close up of the leather? With out eagle-eyed experts, we are sure to solve the mystery!
  5. Angie, also the year of the bag may help. Courcheval (sp?) has gone through several incarnations--I think one of the first batch of Birkins was made using Courcheval in Gold back in the 80s, eventually Veau Grain Lisse replaced it, and now Epsom.
  6. courchevel and veau grain lisse are both beautiful, delicate to the touch but pretty hardy. their corners do wear but they can be touched up a little colorwise. i think the grain is finer than togo, KWIM?
  7. I have both a Kelly and a Birkin in Courchevel Gold; I bought the Kelly in 1991 and the Birkin in 1997. I really think it's a shame that it's discontinued, since it's much nicer than Epsom (shinier and less like cardboard to touch) and it's lightweight and very sturdy......
  8. I was told it was dicontinued because out of all the fakes being made, most of them were in a "stamped" leather and being called courcheval. The natural leathers are a bit harder to fake ...
  9. If you post close-up pictures maybe I can try to help. I own both gold courchevel and gold togo. They look very different.
    A leather specialist told me that H was discontinuing courchevel because too many people requested it (sounds kind of weird to me, to discontinue somethingI due to its popularity). I ordered mine in 2000 and got it in 2001. And Claude told me that courchevel was discontinued because so many fakers were making fake courchevel.
    I find it pretty -- the gold color is lighter/more delicate looking than gold togo. And it's lightweight and easy to clean.