Togo veined vs unveined

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  1. I've been lurking way too much in this subforum and have fallen hopelessly in love!!!!:love: I am on a mission to find my first birkin! I've started my 'fund' and am selling off alot of my bags. You ladies have been a wealth of information and I've learned sooo much here!:flowers: I am wanting a 30 cm gold w/ph. I've been thinking about togo but just recently learned that some of them are veined. What do you all think of these veins? Do they bug you or do you think it gives the bag individuality and character?? Are they as obvious IRL as they are in pics? I've only seen pics since I am not very close to a boutique. Just wanting some opinions from the experts!!
  2. I wasn't too crazy about the vein when I first saw it in pic. After I got my togo birkin I felt in love with the vein. I find it beautiful and very natural looking. It gives the bag personality. I like unveined leathers too but veined leathers are just as nice. The vein is not as noticeable IRL.

    Togo are not all veined, just depends on the piece of leather.
  3. Hello, PGN, I've had both "veined" and non and like them both. If asked, Hermes craftsman shake their heads and wonder why anyone would consider such a thing, at all, when purchasing an Hermes:confused1:

    ...but, we do, don't we??
  4. I don't mind the veining......then again, I saw a shooting star bag once that was flawless togo (if you count no veining as flawlwss) - it was an incredible leather....

  5. I know!!! Part of me wonders why I am even thinking about it! :wacko: It's just a natural part of the leather!
  6. If my memory serves me correct, I believe the veins are actually fat lines. Since togo is from female calves, and females carry more fat than males (sucks!), the veins appear mostly on togo. Of course, some females carry more fat than others, hence the difference in leathers.
  7. Does the veined togo look like chevre? I've never noticed the vein in togos, so I'm not sure what you guys are talking about. Does clemence have veins?
  8. ahhhhhhhh, our bovine sisters are in the same quandry as us, it seems!!!
  9. Clemence can have veins. Veined togo does not look like chevre IMO.
  10. oh...that means I am carrying a fat cow around.:wtf: ha ha

    Too bad I can't eat it...I love fatty beef
  11. Fat female calf!!! A fat cow would be veined Fjord.:P
  12. The veins don't bother me at all - I like the natural characteristics of the leather.
  13. oh yeah

    fat veal for togo then????

  14. :lol: Sucks huh????