Togo v Clemence v Chevre

  1. Ok.. I'm fairly new to this .. so what are the differences ???

    What's the best one for the first purchase ??
    Any price differences ??
  2. i have a birkin in togo leather and was told that the togo is scratch resitant compared to the cherve. the togo leather is also a much heavier leather so you might want to keep that in mind. the reason i bought it in this leather is first, i have 2 young boys who are armed with crayons, pens or whatever they find so i have to have a good leather. second, i carry it with me everyday on the train to work so you can only imagine the abuse my bag goes through on a daily basis. i hope this helps.....
  3. Chevre will always run a few hundred dollars more than Togo or Clemence and is more lightweight. It's also quite durable. Between Togo and Clemence. Togo has a slightly stiffer feel and puffier grain, while Clemence is softer with a flatter grain and will sluch more over time. HTH! :smile:
  4. I just love and appreciate the knowlege on this forum!
  5. Chevre is actually very scratch-resistant.

    Another difference between Togo and Clemence is that Togo has a very distinctive, heavenly-sweet scent!
  6. ugh, I don't like slouch. I wonder if there's a way to keep my kelly from slouching short of just leaving it in the box. I definitely don't stuff it with junk when I'm using it.
  7. Yep, clemence is very slouchy. I personally like mine to have more structure. I dont think I'll be buying clemence anymore in the near future.

    Chevre is also quite worry free imo. I dont really baby my kelly and so far it's fine.

    I think my most fav leathers are box and chevre. I so wanna try chamonix~!

    I know box is not for everyone with the prone stratch and so, but I just :heart: the structure it brings to the bag and not to mention the beautiful sheen of the leather.
  8. I want something in Chamonix, too!!
    Chevre is really wonderful - why else would H choose this leather as the durable lining for their 2 flagship bags, B and K? :smile:

    And, yes, the Togo smell is amazing!!!
  9. Chamonix is really lovely but I really prefer Box because of that unmistakable glow. Nothing is quite as alluring as black Box calf!

    Anyone know why Togo has that sweet, intoxicating scent? I wish I knew exactly what Hermes does to produce all these leathers.
  10. I wonder, too. When I bought my Birkin, I had the bag across the room and could smell it! Ahhhh.....
  11. I never smelled my togo trim.:hrmm: I'll have to smell it when my cold gets better.
  12. I was wondering if any of the leathers were ok to take in the rain or should you never take any of them out in inclement weather? When I get my Kelly (DH said when he gets his year end bonus. :yahoo: So most likely around Christmas, I hope!) I am hoping to use it all the time but it rains here a lot. Any suggestions? :amuse:
  13. I read on Luxwear that Fjord is waterproof? Well, it's the most durable, but heavier.
  14. Thanks Addicted, I just read your thread on Fjord. That is good to know! :flowers:
  15. I've heard Chevre can take more water than others. Fjord is great, too for that.