Togo or Swift?

  1. I'm looking to purchase my first birkin and am wondering the pros and cons between swift and togo. I know that togo is heavier but more scratch resistant, whereas swift gives off brighter color but is not as user friendly? Can swift and togo owners let me know what you think? Thanks so much!
  2. Togo for me. I have a 30cm Togo Birkin and a 32cm Togo Kelly. I love looking at the grains.

    I am waiting for the Lindy, which is made with Swift, that is ultra soft .... so malleable that it's perfect for a unstructured shoulder bag.

    There are many new swift birkin/kelly owners, so you won't be short of feedback from them.
  3. Togo for me for sure. I passed off a few swift birkins in Paris because they looked a little too "fragile" (scratchy) for daily use, and was very soft. I'm not a fan of bag-slouch.
  4. what size?
  5. I'm looking for one in 30CM.

    Hi TammyD, Do you feel that togo in 30cm is too heavy?
  6. I do not think Togo is heavy at all. Clemence is heavier. Togo can certainly slouch. It is not a stiff leather. A togo Birkin used heavily will slouch over time. A 30cm will slouch less than a 35cm. If you want a stiff scratch proof bag, ask the ladies who have Fjord to comment on it. Hope you find just what you want. You will love the Birkin.
  7. Based on two conversations with my boutique I would go with togo. I felt like I was being directed away from Swift in the most professional way. The colors are gorgeous in Swift, but for some quiet reason I was moved in another direction.

    IMO, togo was heavier than I thought it would be on a 30, but nothing a typical leather handbag carrier couldn't handle. Just don't expect it to be really light. Remember, it is all leather and not just trim like on some handbags.
  8. I have both and I personally prefer Togo too. Like MrsS, I like leathers with grains and I prefer bags that can withstand some heavy usage i.e. workhorse bag. What's the point of buying a bag when all you do is keep in the box most of the time? The setback of Togo is that it tends to slouch but then again, Swift does too. I don't wanna go into the batwing discussion we had earlier.

    nafnaf, you may like to read it here:
  9. it depends on how many birkin u want in the future. If this is ur first birkin ,than go for togo!! Swift is more like soft BOX leather(so of course scratch more),but colors on swift are very nice(and the weight is lighter than togo), both for 30cm are not slouch much!!!For me birkins are like accesories, need diffrent colors and leather for matching clothes.
  10. i vote for togo!!!!
  11. I'm the odd man out here. Swift gets my vote hands down. I have a swift 30cm Birkin and I love it. It has a beautiful sheen and the leather feels like butter. I love the way the color looks in swift too. I also have a bag (Bolide) in togo to compare it too and a bag (Kelly) in clemence as well. For a 30cm Birkin it's swift for me.
  12. I have a 30cm swift Birkin and I love it! It's buttery soft but hasn't slouched at all ... yet! Colors are great and black is also beautiful in swift! Batwings are a thing though!

    Swift is not a light leather also. My epsom Birkin and chevre Kelly are so much lighter. Perhaps swift is a little lighter than clemence.
  13. In Birkin I prefer Togo!
  14. In a 30, I like swift, it really depends on whether you like the grain of the leather or not.
  15. Not at all. They felt the same weight as the swifts I tried on.