Togo or Clemence?

  1. Hi guys just would like to know which leather you prefer for your Birkin and why:yes:
  2. I only have togo so I can't compare but I feel togo is great for a tough leather...
  3. I have clemence, but have ordered a togo birkin. From what I have read from all these experienced ladies, clemence is slouchier than togo.
  4. lulilu, clemence comes from a baby calf, togo from an older calf (or female cow?)

    According to luxwear,
    box is classic smooth calf
    chevre is goat (shiny, rigid)
    clemence is baby calf (matte, soft)
    togo is calf (most popular)
    fjord is adult bull (tough, waterproof)
  5. I like and have clemence...and I love slouchy so it works
  6. I am birkinless as you can see...but I would select togo first. I think it also depends on the color you like and how it takes on these two leathers. You also have to decide if you want a rigid or a slouchy look.
  7. I would go for Togo personally. The Clemence on my JPG was heavy and too slouchy for my liking, so in a regular sized Birkin, I would still prefer Togo.
  8. clemence is baby bull leather and it slouches. i actually am beginning to appreciate the slouchy factor since the bag will fold easily into a luggage for travelling :smile: *not like it SHOULD be inside a luggage, but in case the need arises :biggrin:*
  9. yeah, i would never want to fold my Clemence Birkin as i'm trying to help it maintain it's shape and also, the hardware would be scary to squish!:yes:
  10. I'm a relatively new Clemence owner, and while I like it, I still prefer my Togo Birkins just because it feels slightly heartier and I prefer the appearance of the raised grain on a 35cm.
  11. The one thing I noticed about clemence is, even if you fold it etc, it still bounces back and there is no permanent fold on the leather. :smile: its sorta rubbery- like if you will.
  12. I personally prefer Togo!
  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Togo. Firm but not stiff, divine smell and wonderfully hearty wear.
  14. In general, togo, but for some colors, like rouge h, clemence.
  15. Togo it's such a rich leather I like Clemance too but it gets too slouchy..