Togo or clemence?

  1. Hello everyone. I need your help. Although I'm on my SA's list, I can't wait forever, and have decided to buy a hideously marked-up Birkin 30cm from a reseller. Now the hard part: togo or clemence? Or would I not even be able to tell the difference? ;)

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. incredibly similar. slightly flatter, wider grain on clemence, and bumpy (more raised) tighter grain on togo. nearly indistinguishable to many. and they behave the same (touch more slouch to clemence) - in terms of durability, etc.
  3. HiHeels - is one lighter than the other?
  4. Clemence is ever so slightly lighter. Also a bit more matte. Note this was based on my comparing 2 evelyns... same size, same colour, diff leather.
  5. ^^^^^I concur to what's said above.
  6. Yes, the colors are looking a bit lighter on Clemence then on Togo for some reason or at least I thought they do. ;) The difference is almost unrecognizable, but some colors, like reds looked a bit lighter, like a bit whitish on Clemance then on Togo.
    However, as I recall Taurillon Clemence is made from hide of male calf, while Togo leather made from the female.
    Consequently, Clemance is a bit heavier and thicker.:flowers:
  7. Wow! This is great information! Thank you all.
  8. actually most colours tend to appear darker on clemence (blue jean for example) also clemence is babybull so it is more squishy and soft it won´t´hold its shape togo is a bit more rigide. both sratchproof and easy to take care of. both weight aproximately the same
  9. Togo also has a distinctive scent, hard to describe but it's very sweet and heavenly! Clemence has an indistinct smell. Once you take a whiff of Togo, you won't forget it!
  10. I was too embarrassed to sniff both Evelyns at the shop to compare, but the clemence bags I brought home have a lovely scent to them.
  11. soufflot - Congrats on getting ready to get a new bag! :yahoo: I own two clemence bags and really like them. They are very soft. But I agree - they do lose their shape a bit. I have never had a togo bag so can't compare.

    What color are you getting? I can't wait to see pics!
  12. Welcome, Soufflot!!
    Togo - female cow
    Clemence - baby bull
    Fjord - Adult bull

    What color Birkin are you after? We can help you with how it will look in both leathers.
  13. Ebène, the really deep chocolate brown. Flossyfigaro has one in clemence and Montecarlo club has one in togo, both in palladium. (I'm taking the forum's advice that they are both legitimate resellers!) From the pictures, there is not much difference, the clemence looks a bit softer.
  14. ^^ They look very similar in Ebene. It all depends on how you want the bag to hold up. Do you like a squishier, shouchier Birkin? (Clemence) Or do you want it to hold it's shape a little better and be less floppy over time (Togo)
    Both leathers are classic Hermes and you can't go wrong. All up to you!
    BTW, Ebene is just GOORGEOUS!!!!
  15. I have a Clemence Evelyne in BJ and I love it! It's more matte than my Ulysee (Togo) and squishier. Both smell good. :lol: I don't think you could go wrong with either leather. :wlae: