Togo or Clemence

  1. Since I've never felt any of these in person - which is preferred:
    Togo, Clemence & Taurillion Clemence (not sure if those are the same).

    I've been doing some reading and read that they're all pretty heavy.
    Are they too heavy to carry everyday?
    I guess I'm wondering how thick & heavy are they?:confused1:
    Any help is appreciated for this newbie.
  2. If you search the forum, I am sure you will find a lot on these leathers. But short version answer: both are very sturdy, togo is a bit stiffer and lighter than clemence, which slouches more depending also on the size of the bag. You don't say what style or size bag you are interested in, but I have a 35 birkin in both leathers. Both can seem a bit heavy by the end of a long shopping trip LOL.
  3. Oh sorry about that - yes, the 35 is what i'm interested in.
    When you say slouch - does it loose it's shape?

    Do these bags weigh a ton?

    Which is your favorite leather?
    Thanks lulilu:smile:
  4. hello, giselle.....strictly personal preference, of course. Of the two, I prefer Clemence for it's softness to the hand. I do not like togo. That said, I own two togo pieces and one is my first Birkin, which I'll always keep.

    The second is a Kelly which I'm wanting to replace with Clemence in the same color ( the leather will probably be just a bit deeper/richer in hue ) because I do not like the feel of the togo on my hands when I play with the bag.....meaning, when I work with the belts, straps, I do a lot of touching with my Kellys opening and closing them and so on so I want a softer touch. To me, the togo is a bit scratchy to my hands. ( I might add that I have very sensitive skin )

    Many here seem to prefer the togo, tho, as it does tend hold shape better and it's a very good looking leather.

    I also feel that it depends on which piece of leather is used for which bag. Not all togo pieces and not all clemence pieces are alike, obviously. The clemence just tends to be more souple and soft and tends to drape more.

    I don't feel that of the two leathers you'll notice a tremendous amt of difference in weight, giselle. When you're carrying a B 35 with your things inside, it will be somewhat weighty. That said, I'm told that the 35 is the most popular size Birkin so, most ladies obviously don't seem to mind the weight.

    As for losing it's shape, the B 35 tends to do that more readily than the 30 size. If shape is important to you, you might want to go for the togo or another leather. Vache Liegee is a new leather is very popular and somewhat stiffer. It tends to look much the same as togo but holds shape better.
  5. Giselle, isus says it all...I completely agree.
    I have several clemence bags and am hoping to get togo next to broaden my collection. I do like clemence a lot but it is smushier than togo. Togo, in my opinion, also smells heavenly. There is considerable variability in the grain and slouch factor in clemence. With careful use and storage, you can minimize the slouch.
    Clemence is slightly heavier than togo. But in a 35 Birkin, this is a pretty small difference (a few oz.) and not worth factoring into what is already a heavy bag at baseline.
  6. I have a 35 Birkin in togo that I carry often. It has worn very nicely and has kept its shape although it does weigh a ton with all my things in it!
  7. ^^I agree that clemence feels nicer. I would definitely go for clemence again over another togo bag. The slouch factor seems to vary quite a bit. My avatar is clemence and it doesn't slouch too much. Someone posted a photo of a brand new 35 clemence that slouched considerably.
  8. I saw a swift in black it's a 30. Not sure if that's too small though.
    Thanks so much everyone - your help is very much appreciated.
  9. If you want your bag to keep its shape then you should opt for fjord- it looks very similar to togo but is sturdier and stiffer. As far as swift goes , it looks very different than togo, clemence or fjord. It is shiny and smooth (i personally don't like the look of it at all) But supposedly it is a good choice of a leather for a bright color for Birkin. Good luck with your choice.
  10. giselle, do you have any way to try to see these leathers in person before deciding? Personal preference plays a big role here. I think you can't really go wrong with togo or clemence. True, fjord is stiffer but also heavier, and also probably harder to come by. Swift is very different, as MIB says above. For a first Birkin, I'd say go with togo or clemence. If you are worried about slouch, go with togo. If a soft feel is more important, go with clemence.
  11. I would say clemence because of the soupleness and buttery feel of the leather for a birkin. I also like how more flat the texture of the leather is than Togo. Plus, the veining in togo is more pronounced than in clemence. I view my birkin as an all-around leisure bag which makes the clemence leather perfect. Just try to set your bag flat at the end of the day so that it rests horisontally on its back. I also like the feel of the birkin handles in smooth and buttery and sturdy at the same time.
  12. I have both and definitely prefer the feel and suppleness of clemence. No issues with losing shape since I use a purseket inside and take really good care of it. HTH!
  13. No, not really Pepper.
    I'm sort of leaning towards Clemence.

    Is Clemence and Taurillion Clemence the same leather??:confused1:

    Thanks everyone......:smile:
  14. giselle, yes, taurillon clemence is the same as clemence. We usually just shorten the name to clemence. It's a fantastic leather. You won't be sorry. As jaegerhomme suggests, when not using the bag, store it stuffed and on its side and it should hold its shape well.