Togo leather texture and grain size question

  1. I've seen several bags at Hermes with Togo leather which has variations in the size of the grains. On one piece of leather, the grains varied from small, to a larger grain toward the other end. I found it interesting, as I thought all the leathers would be very symmetrical in grain patterns. Is this common? Has anyone else seen this before, or does anyone have a bag with this characteristic? Am I the only one who scrutinizes these things? :girlsigh:

    BTW - the ones having this also had a lot of veining. Maybe it's a characteristic of the veined Togo leather? :shrugs:
  2. H Nuttynut ~ my Togo is not overly veined and also does not have this characteristic. But I am interested to see if anyone does -
  3. Funny that you ask this question as I have noticed this for the first time in a new Gold Picotin that I had shipped to me a couple of days ago. When checking it over I noticed the front side of the bag's grain is larger than the back side. I then checked my other Picotins and Birkins in Togo and they are the same front and back. Strange??:confused1:
  4. Sadly speaking, this is an issue that I have with my new-ish Togo Birkin. I had a thread to discuss this several months back. The grains were big compared to the grains on the other Togo bags previously. So much so, that the skin looked 'sick'. :lol: And yes, the grains are uneven indeed. And I have a friend who bought a birkin from Paris, and the grains on her Birkin are like mine. I actually find them quite hideous.

    If I could turn back the clock, I would have rejected the birkin. Seriously. Not all Togo bags have large grains these days. Friends who recently received their Togo Kellys from my store have "perfect" skins.
  5. ^^ Mrs. S. in your experience have you ever seen two different grains on a bag ie: bigger grain in front and a smaller grain on the back?
  6. Yes, amamxr.
  7. Hi S

    Sad but true. I saw a 32 blue jean kelly a few months ago. The tag said togo but the grains were large/flattish and uneven throughout (not just larger at front and smaller at the back or vice versa). If I had not seen it at an Hermes store, I would thought it was a fake.

    My general observation has been the grains tend to get a little larger (and flatter) towards the sides of the bag (kelly or birkin). I presumed this was due to the stretching of the leather around the edges. Also the effect should be pleasant to the eye still - ie centre panel of the bag has nice smallish even grains but towards the edges, the grains start to get a little bigger or flatter... still maintaining a symmetry of sorts KWIM?

    PS: did you get a togo birkin recently? I don't recall a reveal?
  8. Yes, the grains are flattened around the edges indeed. And I think you're right about the stretching. I just took this new baby out of its box and am looking at it as I type. The grains are smaller on the flap and straps. And the grains start small from the top and gradually becomes larger and more pronounced towards the base. Likewise for the back of my Birkin. The grains are huge on the bottom panel. And I mean HUGE.

    Got it a few months ago already. I didn't do a reveal. Gris Tourterelle. :p
  9. Except for the togo blue jeans I saw, some of the most perfect togo leather I have seen have been on kellies. I saw a 28 kelly togo in tokyo - it had the most beautiful togo grains I have ever seen (small, even through the bag). Not sure if this is due to their internal QC but most of the birkins and kellies I saw in Tokyo had very nice grains!
  10. That's my same obervation too. The togo used for Kellys are prettier. The togo on my friends' kellies are so pretty, it makes me want to cry looking at the rough grains on my birkin. When I feel sad, I go hug my box birkin for comfort.
  11. I guess uneven graining isn't considered a defect to Hermes??:confused1:
  12. good topic, i love the togo on kelly bags, very "tight" and small...but some of the togo 35 birkins...not a fan. though i know people don't really like epsom, i like that the grain is more "uniform."
  13. -------------
    Are there any bags on eBay right now that look like this so we can see
    exactly what it looks like you're describing??:confused1:
    It would be nice to see a picture to see what it looks like.

    What about the grains on this bag, they look small:

    but I'm not experienced in the grains.
  14. Personally I wouldn't consider uneven grains on togo a defect. Unless the variation on a specific bag really turns you off. Most of the time, it doesn't turn me off, it's simply the nature of leather. I kind of like that each one has its character. I even like the veins (not too many) on my togo birkin.
  15. The grains on this black Togo Birkin by CDL are small, like what a typical Togo skin is. You will know when the Togo grains are BIG when you see a bag with them.

    I do not consider Togo with veining a defect either. It's whether you like them, or you don't. And same thing goes to the large grains on Togo.