TOGO Kelly's........

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  1. Ok...I KNOW I've been using this smiley :sos: a lot lately but.....I have some issues......

    The latest one is this:

    In light of the fact that there have been a few Togo Kelly's popping up here and there, I began wondering about my own 32cm Chocolate Togo Sellier and the fact that it folds up. So....

    Do ALL TOGO Kellys constructed with outside stitching fold up????

    Why do some TOGO Kellys with outside stitching look more sturdy than mine??? Is there a different construction???

    And last but not least (and please someone put this question to bed for me I BEG of you.....)...

    What makes a Sellier MOU Kelly??????

    #1: Togo Kelly slouching on the little chair,
    #2: Togo Kelly down for the count.....

    thank you, guys......
    mizzK.jpg Togo2.jpg
  2. shopmom I'm of no help ....but that is a sellier togo???? You said it folds up because its from the new collection or is that not suppose to happen??!!

  3. Well, see that's the's NOT from the new collection. It's a bag that's four years old and I'm thinking it folds because it's TOGO and sewn on the outside but then that would mean all the TOGO Kelly's sewn on the outside should fold but they don't. I think. Oiy.....I need some clarification.....
  4. hmmm....mine doesn't do that. at least not yet!
  5. Do you have a 32cm TOGO Kelly sewn on the outside???
  6. That first Togo Kelly of yours is such a sexy bag!! I have been eyeing/considering Luxwear's White Kelly Sellier Mou on ebay and I never even considered myself much of a Kelly fan.
  7. Sexy?????? Really??????

    ....i have a Sexy bag????? :graucho:

    So, what makes a Sellier, MOU Croissant????
  8. This is part of what I found confusing when the souple bags began to be called sellier bags. My understanding that your bag, the sellier, was a special bag made to fold up and good for travel. I have never squished down a souple togo Kelly in that manner. I did just take my 27cm Drag bag on a trip and packed it nicely in my tote bag, but the bottom did not fold under the way your bag does.
  9. a "regular" souple (retourne) TOGO Kelly will NOT fold like mine then?

  10. Sellier means its meant to be folded up ?

    I'm so confused.

    Rigid = outside stitch (formal looking kelly)
    Souple = inside stitch (casual looking kelly)

    Sellier = :confused1:
  11. oh wait! urs is a rigide? mine is a 32cm togo souple/retourne. i thought only souple/retourne was suppose to slouch! did urs collapse like this from the very beginning??
  12. Boy, it's late and I'm acting stupid! Souple = retourne. Sorry I was confusing the issue. You are correct, a regular souple Kelly will not fold like your bag. Many months ago, someone at TFS Hermes thread had a detailed explanation as to the difference in the stitching. Your bag is special and unusual. Is this bothering you? You have other Kellys that are souple don't you? They don't fold down, do they?
  13. That's where I got confused. I always thought that sellier was the fold up style. Rigide, outside stitching is the more formal, formed bag. Why are they now calling rigide style, sellier??????:upsidedown:
  14. GK!!!!! I think you've nailed it!!!!! I think so!!!!

    Regular "souple" (retourne) TOGO Kelly's will NOT fold or slouch like mine.

    THIS is what I needed to know. Mine has some kind of special construction in order to make it fold then.

    GK.....Yes, I do have other "souple" (Retourne) Kellys and none fold like this one. It's nice to know I have something "special" (and now I feel even better knowing that it's "sexy" too!!!!).

    I'd LOVE to know about the special it differs from the regular Sellier (sewn on the outside) construction in order to make it fold....
  15. I think Gigi Leung may know the anwer to your question. Peter at Luxury Zurich might know as well. Since he sold it to you, go ahead and ask him. I was seriously looking at your bag when it was on eBay and I think he might have explained it in the ad listing. Did you ever copy it from the site? It's so good for travel because of the fold down. I love it!! I just had another up Claude in NYC and see if he can tell you.