Togo in a Kelly?....worried about mine.

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  1. This past week, I've been using my 32cm Togo Kelly pretty much all the time because of the weather. I'm usually pretty good about what I put inside my bags but this week seems to be seeing a WHOLE LOTTA stuff shoved in that poor thing......I've noticed that it's heavy and that there's a lot of stress put on the lock and handle.

    I'm thinking that for me maybe I just should stay with the smaller 28cm's since I tend not to overload them OR.......

    Is there a leather/size combination you would recommend for a Kelly where you could carry a boat-load of stuff and NOT put all that stress on the bag?

    .....Mizz Kelly has really been a work-horse these days.....she needs a break.
  2. maybe a 35 kelly souple??? that would work, it's huge but has the slouch factor to avoid looking like a briefcase.......
  3. I thought of that Pazt but my Togo has a ton of slouch too and I was thinking that maybe that's part of why there's so much stress on the lock and handle....KWIM? Plus the handle sort of bends a little's not as sturdy as say the handle on my Chevre and Toile/Box bags when there's so much stuff inside the bag.
  4. I worry about that too and tend to baby my Kelly by not overstuffing her. For me, the solution is a Birkin (please come my way soon.....!)
  5. If you're hauling serious stuff you may want to switch to a different bag.

    I'm not sure about how much load the Kelly can cope with, but seeing how it's a bag designed when "ladies" carried little more than a lipstick, a compact, a handkerchief and a wallet in their bags, it probably can't deal with a heavy load.

    I know with the Birkins, in spite of their capacity, they're not meant to be overloaded. I had a chat w/ a craftsman one time who was crying over how people strained their 35 Birkins. It's the handles that can't cope in that case.

    He said the JPG was overall of a sturdier construction and could handle more load. He also recommended the Paris-Bombay for toting around heavy loads.
  6. shopmom, why not use your HAC? it's not box leather is it?
  7. That's intersting about the Birkin, wrongnumber. I am glad that I am finally past the diaper/bottle stage and don't need to tote them anymore. I can perhaps, become more 'ladylike' and only carry the bare essentials (the large torch and toolkit can stay home!!) in my bags.
  8. I think I might need to utilize my H canvas tote........sounds like the way to go for now. Can't bring out the Box Hac in bad weather :sad:

    My problem is that when I carry a larger size bag, I tend to put more inside it.......

    Do you think a 32cm Kelly in a different leather would be better if you tend to carry lots of stuff? A 35cm looks too overwhelming on me.....
  9. Just out of interest, what do you need to be able to fit in your daily bag?
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Do you have a tire jack somewhere in your bag too?

    When I use my Kelly I try to streamline the contents.

    Unfortunately that means for me - compact, one lipstick, one lipgloss, one lip balm, cuticle cream, hand cream, wallet, credit card holder, tissue (without a tissue case!). Keys for house, key for car. Mobile phone. And now, I've taken to carrying a jeweller's loup too! It's still a sizeable amount.

    Maybe we should take lessons from the Queen, who only carries a handkerchief in her bag. But then again, she does move around with a large entourage. :P
  11. LOL ROSE! Yeah....gotta get rid of the toolkit too!

    Ok......Agenda, LV Cosmetic case, pen case, Checkbook, Bern wallet, keys, cellphones (I have personal, one for work), Credit card holder (thin), Business card holder (thick). This is my daily stuff. It's not too much and it all fits beautifully inside a 28cm no problem. But when I carry the 32cm I tend to throw in more........
  12. shopmom,

    Have you ever laid your togo Kelly to sleep in its box in between the times you have been using it?
  13. Shopmom, you still have the 32 chevre Kelly, right? Also, are you careful to close the straps on your Kelly each time?

    I think you need a Togo/ Clemence souple Bolide 31. The double handles would make for less stress on the bag..(or is it just me that wants one?- hehe)
  14. I have several Kellys of 32cm and 35cm in both Togo and Clemence and I recommend that you use the shoulder strap when they are stuffed, and think about buying the matching wide canvas shoulder strap and sling the bag across your body, it can look very cool that way. It will take the stress of the handle. I have been stuffing my bags for years and they still look absouletly perfect! The soft leather is that way. The solution isnt always to buy yet another bag, plus it saves you bucks! And remember a 35cm Birkin is an enormous bag, it is heavy when fuly packed and if you think a Kelly 35cm is big, try the 35cm Birkin on the crook of your arm and you will see the difference. But everything is trial and error, give yourself a few years of experimentation and you will find out what works best for you.
  15. This thread has sparked my interest. I am thinking about a 32 Kelly togo for a bag, but does it really slouch? I always thought it didn't?

    Who can post pics of one empty (say how old it is too) and then one that is full of your daily goods you carry in it. I would love to see the comparison.

    Does it really get that stressed with stuff in it? I thought about going with a 28, but I am conscious of the size of the bag next to my hips and bootie. I have that curvacious lower end that needs some balancing. I am a tad too afraid to go down to a 28.

    Any opinions on this 32 togo size being bad?