Togo Colors

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  1. Togo seems to be a bit more scarce lately...seems like much more clemence

    What togo colors are available these days?
  2. It IS - if you remember, my Birkin SO is for Togo, and I WAS told it was less in prodution currently, they are using Clemence more at the moment......

    OK, so

    Hermes Orange
    Brighton Blue (saw this yesterday)
    Vert Anis

    will think of more I have seen recently.........
  3. I've seen Gold, Vermillion, Brown, Black, Vert anis, Blue jean, Orange, Potiron (pumpkin color), Dark red (Rough H...?), Eutaup (sp..? gray) and Indigo blue...I can't think of more...Hmmm...
  4. GOLD! How the hell did I forget gold?????? And Vermillion - YUMMY!!!!!!
  5. Love your avatar GF.
  6. did we list the new red...garrance,? and gris tourturelle, etoupe.
    (saw in Paris)
  7. etoupe is gorgeous. I adore it matched with pink.
  8. Thank you everyone..keep them coming!

    I , too, love the new avatar GF!
  9. I originally put in and SO for a Rouge Vif Birkin 30cm in Clemence gold HW. What I got was a Vermillion Togo 30cm gold HW...they discontinued the Rouge Vif in the interim.

    If they are scarce on Togo then my next Birkin (My SA says it should be here before the Holidays) is definitely coming in Clemence. I put in an SO for a Black Togo 35cm gold HW.

    Thank You for the tip. I actually hope it comes in Clemence.
  10. havanne as well?
  11. vert feuille (leaf green) - I think it's a new color. Very pretty!
  12. ^I think this is the colour they used to use in the olive canvas, and now they are doing it in leather - I love a new green!! yay!!
  13. In my local store, recently saw togo in rouge garance, gris torterelle. Went to store in Singapore and saw bi-colour 32 HAC (in togo Blue Jeans body and black/dark blue handles).
  14. I have been only seeing togo in accessories...both bags I ordered in togo in 06 came in as clemence (but I'm happy about the change now). I like the feel of clemence better and the way it absorbs color... :yes:
  15. Hmmm does Rouge H come in Togo or just Clemence? I haven't seen much of anything in Togo so it's hard to tell. I'm thinking that's my dream Kelly right now...28 cm Rouge H togo with gold hw...that would be so pretty. :love:
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