Togo cleaning with magic eraser?

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  1. I am holding my biscuit Togo Massai in one hand and a Mr. Clean Magic eraser in the other. The directions say to wet it and clean. But I am nervous. It has "micro scrubbers" and I am afraid it will scratch the leather. Afraid it will cause changes in color and texture.

    Is it OK to do this? Any special thing I should do?

    Please talk me through this. Thank you.
  2. I would NOT use it. It most likely will remove color from the leather.
  3. I wouldn't! I have a bag with pebbled leather like Togo (not H) and I tried to clean a spot off and it did not help and scratched the leather even though I rubbed softly.
    A white artist eraser, however, is great for cleaning and won't scratch. I used one to get grease off vachetta on my LV Speedy.
  4. OK. The magic eraser is back in the box for now. I am even afraid of an artist eraser. Thank you for such quick response. Who says you can't get instant gratification with Hermes?
  5. The magic eraser is basically plastic polymers and very abrasive. I would not use it on togo.
  6. No magic eraser on togo. What is it that you are trying to remove?
  7. I have used magic eraser on LV vachetta, but that is very smooth and you have to condition the leather after use. I would not use it on any leather with a grain or dye.
  8. I wouldn't use it on an Hermes bag.....I use it to take scuff marks off the walls/paintwork from my kids....and it will take paint color with it so beware. Its a good item but will remove color......
  9. I would NOT use Mr. Clean on your hermes bag. Please try baby-wipes as there is no alcohol in the wipes, and its gentle. To condition your leather, some inexpensive leather conditioner from either a shoe repair store or a luggage store- I use the baby wipes to clean my Birkin, wipe it down with a lint free cloth, and if needed apply leather conditioner to complete.

    Let me know how it works. Good luck.
  10. Where was my brain? I thought I heard that magic eraser was good on Hermes leather. Now i remember it was very gentle baby wipes. I'm putting the magic eraser in the utility room. Nowhere near my Hermes.
  11. I use the Magic Eraser on Toile, but would not try on leather.
    BTW, it works well on toile.
  12. Was there something specific you were trying to remove? Or was it just a general cleaning you had in mind?
  13. A word of advice - do NOT use baby wipes on barenia or natural leathers...
  14. If you have a mark on the togo or some dirt, Meltonian cream in neutral will take it off.
  15. I'm glad you put the magic eraser far far away!!