Togo and Chevre mysore

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  1. I wonder what the difference is between these leathers in Birkin; Chevre mysore and Togo.

  2. May be the best thing is if you go in the reference thread, it's very helpful.
  3. Thank you dear but I´ve already read that thread :smile: I´m looking for some more info.
  4. Mysore has a higher sheen than Togo. The texture is not as pebbly as Togo. Are you going to special order because I think that's the only way that you are going to get a mysore birkin right now in the most popular sizes - 3cm or 35cm. Mysore is also gonna cost more than Togo.
  5. Isn't cherve more slouchy that togo too? And of course it has the spine down the centre
  6. I will take some comparison pics for you when I get home. :smile:
  7. Fuchsia chevre

    Photo courtesy DiamondS


    Togo in black

    Courtesy ME!!!

  8. Just a note that DiamondS's birkin is a 25cm. I dont think Mysore would be slouchier than Togo if they were the same size.
  9. when you say more info, what specifically are you looking for...
    weight, wearabity, cost, color choices, availability, texture???

    Help us zero in on what you are interested in finding out..:smile:
  10. I´m interested about the weights and the textures. What´s the biggest difference between these two leathers? Which one would you all choose for a Birkin 35?

  11. Thank you! I would love to see the pics!

  12. Chevre de coromandel (CDC) is the one with the spine; mysore doesn't have it. I have a CDC 35 kelly and a CDC 35 birkin and they are definitely not slouchy. However, I only have clemence and swift to compare to. FYI, these are both older bags and my understanding is that CDC is no longer offered in 35 size bags.

  13. For a Birkin 35 I would choose togo because it keeps the shape better. Chevre mysore tends to get softer. It depends on what kind of look you want. Chevre is lighter though than togo.
    They're such different leathers. I am not even sure that chevre mysore is actually used for 35 Birkins.
  14. Very, very rarely. I was told chevre mysore comes from a species of goat that are smaller in size compared to that of CDC and Chevre Mangalore.

    Chevre Myore is currently only available in accessories and smaller bags.

    In Birkins and Kellys, via SOs only.

    PS: Chevre Mysore WILL show up the spin too; just not so obvious. In medium sized bags like 30cm Birkins or similar sized Bolides (sorry, I am not familiar with the Bolide sizes)