Tofu Fettuccini

  1. Hi!
    My friend gave me a sample package of this to try, I think ?? that it's already pre-cooked, from the way it looks....anyone ever prepare this, or have any suggestions on a simple recipe? As a recently turned vegetarian, I'm open to any suggestions to make this first time cooking this something good, so I don't get discouraged. TIA !!!
  2. cut firm tofu in med squares, dip each square in corn starch, deep fry in shallow canola oil till they are golden brown..

    bring to a boil, sliced ginger, soy sauce, sugar and corn starch..when it thickens, take out ginger pieces, then pour over tofu.. great with rice..or veggies..or, if you can perfect that sauce after a few times making it, you can serve this as an appetizer, just put toothpicks through..a nice splash of flavor would be to finely chop some basil and mint and sprinkle at the last step..

    Tofu is from Soy bean (edamame) another healthy way to eat tofu is to just buy frozen edamame like they serve at Japanese restaurants and boil them in salt and one anise's only $1 a package as opposed to $8 for a very small serving at the restaurants!!