Toe dipping in LV forum~!

  1. Hellooo everyone~! :yahoo:

    venturing out of my balenciaga comfort zone for a moment...:yes: i've just recently accomplished another check on my wishlist :girlsigh: so since my last couple of bags have been bbags consecutively, i'm starting to think about my all time holy grail LV, the MC speedy!!! :love: this was the bag that made me the bag freak i am today, but of course, being a high school student then in boarding school, i could neither afford nor have the opportunity to use designer bags.. Now i'm in university.. still broke, but, well :sweatdrop: u know the drill.
    As all bbag girls are... i need a bag that breaks in well, i don't want to have to be bothered with keeping the bag 'pristine' for it to be good looking...

    so i was wondering if i could trouble you LV Veterans to show me some pics of your well-patinaed MC speedies? :flowers: and no i haven't really decided on black or white.. :p

  2. Welcome to the dark side of LV
  3. Here are a few pics I found on eBay:


    [Pic is from eBay's Olgas*Closet]


  4. Olga's LVs look so delicious :nuts:
  5. ^wow, they look really great with patina!
  6. i agree the bags look great with usage...:tup:
  7. oooo!! thanks john!!

    anybody else??? :yahoo:
  8. I'm not a lover of patina, but I do think I prefer the MC speedies with that lovely dark patina.

  9. wow the black mc looks superb with patina :drool:
  10. Welcome! Mine hasn't patinaed yet and it's been 3-4 years since I acquired her.
  11. Welcome!!
    Geese, I've been stuck here in the LV forum, that I forgot there's a whole 'nother world out there!! LOL!!
  12. the same for me. You can find me in either Lv or the board games!! :graucho: lol!!

    im actually surprised it took you a while to buy a LV, they have a wide range of handbags and prices. The Monogram Speedy is roughly $600, and im sure a balenciaga bag is much more expensive than that.

    Have you tried eBay?
  13. Welcome! and happy LV looking it's so much fun here
  14. Wow, those patina'ed MCs look great!
  15. I ADORE dark patina on both MC canvases!