Toe dipping in LV forum~!

  1. Hellooo everyone~! :yahoo:

    venturing out of my balenciaga comfort zone for a moment...:yes: i've just recently accomplished another check on my wishlist :girlsigh: so since my last couple of bags have been bbags consecutively, i'm starting to think about my all time holy grail LV, the MC speedy!!! :love: this was the bag that made me the bag freak i am today, but of course, being a high school student then in boarding school, i could neither afford nor have the opportunity to use designer bags.. Now i'm in university.. still broke, but, well :sweatdrop: u know the drill.
    As all bbag girls are... i need a bag that breaks in well, i don't want to have to be bothered with keeping the bag 'pristine' for it to be good looking...

    so i was wondering if i could trouble you LV Veterans to show me some pics of your well-patinaed MC speedies? :flowers: and no i haven't really decided on black or white.. :p

  2. uh oh... posted in wrong subforum!!! :wtf: mods please move my thread pleeeassssssseeeeeeeeeee!!!

    sorry.... :shame: