Toe Cleavage & LOUBOUTINS!

  1. Which classic style CL pump has the most and least toe coverage?

    I just bought some Miss Cool style and love the heel, but am no too crazy about how much toe cleavage shows. Would a half size larger give more or less? I am thinking more.

    Is there another non-platform pump style with more coverage?

    TIA :heart:
  2. I have the fishnet peep toes and I barely have any toe cleavage at all.
  3. Those are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats :nuts:
  4. A lot of his styles have revealing toe cleavage but I do have to say that the Pigalle has got some serious toe cleavage. So much so that those of us whose feet run on the not narrow side feel like that shoe is unflattering to us.
  5. Yes, I would include myself in the not narrow group.
    Short little stubby toes too - PU :crybaby:
  6. I personally LOVE to cleavage! I think it looks very sexy. The Louboutin that has the most toe cleavage is the Veee pump...I think.
  7. Those look HOT on you! You have pretty feet :graucho:
  8. Thanks~ :shame:
  9. I love toe cleavage.
  10. Definetly the pigalle and the decollette show the most cleavage for me, and based on Stinas photos, the Vee pump as well. As far as least cleavage, I think the prive does not show much cleavage. I think that toe cleavage is very sexy.
  11. Toe cleavage is sexy without being risque'. Chicbags, the thing about the toe cleavage in CL shoes is that it cuts in a way that is sexy. Short stubby toes don't appear as such.
  12. the vee pumps look hot!!:nuts:
    a little toe cleavage is sexy, but not too much. its the same with boobs. :p
  13. I adore toe cleavage! But if you do not, Louboutin is not the shoe designer for you. He's stated himself that toe cleavage is something he likes to feature in his designs, as he finds TC very erotic and feminine. There's even a shoe he designed for last season where the entire toe area is exposed, except for the tips of the toes. I would suggest trying another designer (Manolo doesn't feature toe cleavage usually) if it bothers you.
  14. Excellent tip! I have 3 other pairs of CL's and I love the luxurious feel and red soles. I will keep these babies and :heart: them like the rest!

    Thanks ladies for all of your postings. I feel elated again :p
  15. Toe cleavage IMO can either look pretty and feminine and sexy and enhance the design of the shoe (like Stinas in the above photo :smile:) OR it can look squishy and uncomfortable and like your toes hurt or your shoes are too tight.