Toe Box - Bling Bling and VP - Anyone Here Have Both?


Oct 31, 2006
Anyone here have both the Bling and the VP? I am curious about what you think about their toe boxes. I had been using my Blings as a gauge for my future VP. I have now just received my first VP: the red cherry lizard. I am in love with the leather. But noticed that they are more pointed in the toe boxes than I had originally thought. I did notice that pointedness in some of the show and tell pics here. But I thought it was because of the different shapes of feet and how they look in the VP perhaps made them look more pointed than they actually are.

What is your experience? Is the toe box of the Blings actually wider or is this my imagination...?

Are the different VPs from the different season perhaps cut differently in the toe boxes?

I am not sure....

I have been hunting for VPs since I saw how the Blings fit on me thinking that they are going to look the same. But the VPs do not really look the same way worn. At least not on me. So your input will help me determine if I should put a break on further hunts for various VPs.

In another word, I am currently in the process of deciding what is my best style for CL.

I am very hopeful about declic....

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Oct 26, 2006
I don't have the blings (YET!), but I have a pair of black suede VPs and the toe box on those are similar ... the fit is pretty similar, although there is slight variation. maybe due to diff fabric/leathers used?