1. Hi girls! I was just wondering if you guys like Tod's bags and shoes. I personally do but I don't know about a pair of shoes I saw today. I know this isn't the shoe forum but I only trust a girl who likes bags! I saw a pair of Tod's today at..Tod's...and I don't know if anyone of you know what they are--they are in the Tod's ads: they are this gorgrous cranberry/wine color and have a square toe and I just wanted everyone's opinion. What do you think of square toes? Sophisticated, too old for me (I'm 22). :confused1:
  2. If you like them, they are your style and you should enjoy them! :smile:
  3. I love the bags and shoes from Tod's, and I think that if you love them, get them!
  4. What about the whole square toe thing?
  5. do you have a pic? I own a few pairs and can only say it's great quality
  6. I agree it's great quality :yes:
  7. Not into the square toes...
  8. i love tods.. the leather is just soft and fabulous and would last for a life time! love their shoes since they're classic style and very comfy.

    If you like it, get it.. i'm sure u wont regret ur decision.
  9. I dont own Tod's but I love their designs.
  10. Thanks girls! and what do you think about (Tod's) loafers in general? They have some really pretty loafters with a more classic heel (not the gommini rubber bottoms). Do they look too boring mommy-ish?
  11. I personally don't like Tod's. I think they look "boring mommy-ish" but if you like them get them! I'm sure you would wear them well!
  12. If you like them then go for it. Embrace your sense of style as your own!

    Personally I have always loved a lot of what Tod's does, it's nice classic stuff!
  13. Love Tod's loafers, classic, comfortable shoes, although lately they've had a few strange designs... about the square toes; if they look good on your foot and you feel comfortable, get them, personal taste and style is more important than fashion...
  14. Today I bought a new Tods bag (my first of this brand) and it is heaven. It is a small lizard skin clutch with a crystal studded clasp, and I can only assume that the handbag fairies must have read my mind when they designed this bag. So loving it! Cant remember the name, too high from the purchase frenzy...Any other lovers out there?...
  15. Tod's is great. I LOVE everything Tod's. I have a ton of shoes of theirs and I have a few of their bags, including the micky:smile:. I have never had any problem with any of them. My next purchase from Tod's is going to be the Kate Media. It is gorgeous!!! And the loafers are very nice. I have a mustard croc pair with the loafer heel, and they are great!