tods with green or brown flap!!

  1. Girls i need your help!

    I have this bag in white, and it's GORGEOUS! & u know white is a color of a bag that you dotn want to carry with you everyday cz it might get dirty easily.

    I'm thinking of buying the same bag but in jeans which tods have it in two optons, either Green or brown flap... plz give me your opinion!
    tods1.jpg tods2.jpg
  2. I prefer the one with the brown flap.
  3. Definitely the orange as it can be cooridinated with more items.
  4. Is that brown flap actually the Brandy color? If so, I vote for that. The Brandy is an extremely versatile color, I think.
  5. brown for me. That is such a cute bag, btw.
  6. Thanks u all... the green is available but i asked the SA to look in neighbor countries for the brown, i'm in favor for the brown :heart:
  7. I love this purse- I like the brown flap, because I don't look good in many greens-