Tods......What On Earth Are These??

  1. Would any of you gals wear these?

  2. i love the color but wish the toe was closed - kinda crazy looking & no need for that bow right?!
  3. I kinda like it..
    Thought its quite cute :love: and good for summer...
  4. But there's just so much going on. The colour is great but then they made it open toe with cutouts, a bow and ugly cleated/driving shoe soles??!!
  5. hmm they might look better on than in the photo. But it does look a
  6. If they made it closed toe and took away the bow/cutout I'll wear them :biggrin:
  7. It's a peep toe flat with elastic - what is so weird about that?
  8. I like the color but i'm not a flats type of girl so no I wouldn't wear these.
  9. Like I said, there's just so much going on. It's like they took the looks from all this seasons shoes and threw them together
  10. nicely put!

    haha now that I think about it the shoes really do look like they took all the styles from this season and put it into one shoe.
  11. i would have to see them on. i LOVE THE COLOR though!!
  12. I guess I would if I had a casual summer party to go to.
  13. That color looks too much like a VW bus. Sorry, couldn't wear it! But the shoe itself is cute.
  14. I really like them but the color is horrible!!
    That kind of shoes is a must here in Italy from last summer!!!
  15. :lol: