Tod's thread 4 Tod's lover!!!

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  1. hey...i am a big fan of TOD'S...(and i love sienna miller too!!!)
    i recently bought two TOD'S is restyle new D bag, the other is 5-pockets T bag!!! i love them so much!!!
    BTW...i have some TOD'S shoes too...they are so comfortable!!!
    i wanna share my collection with all other tPFers who love TOD'S...
    so plz...share all our TOD'S items here!!!
    CIMG2653.jpg CIMG2658.jpg CIMG2662.jpg CIMG2664.jpg CIMG2669.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    ^^^OMG, I love your two new Tod's bags! Great choices. Beautiful colors too. :tup:

    May I ask, is the D bag the media or the large size?
  3. one more pic of my new ballerinas...(another two pairs of heels were bought 2 years ago)

  4. this D bag is media...the regular size... seems we have similar taste!!!
    we both love YSL and TOD'S:p
  5. Yup! Congrats again. :drinkup:
  6. thanks!!!
  7. *bump* for a couple of pretty new Tod's bags
  8. I love Tod's too...don't have any yet but maybe this year?
    I love your bags...beautiful!
  9. Luv Tod's!!! Am planning to buy D-bag restyled this year OR LV Madeleine epi white.
    How do u think the leather quality comparison?

    Also, anyone has the modelling pic for D-bag large? The measurement looks huge... :wtf:
  10. Such pretty bags and shoes! I love them all, especially the red D-bag.

  11. here u go...mine one is medium...there are a smaller size and a grand (bigger) size...
    so u dont need to worry about the sizes...u can always choose one of them...on the other hand...the leather for tod's is so soft(both patent and calfskin are soft)...i like soft leather better than lv epi...but it really depends on u....let us know when u decide it...

  12. u should get one for 2008...i love Tod's before i bought this two bags...and now i love Tod's even more...coz the leather really really soft...:tup:
  13. Thanks a lot,amelia kelly!! Yours is soooo pretty!!!!!

    Am not too excited about epi anymore since reading 'Deluxe'. LV seems to be so massmarketed :sad: <++ no offense for LV lovers
    Glad to know that Tod's leather is scrumptious. Hummm... really really tempted now...
    Either that or Celine....

  14. The medium looks great on you, amelia kelly!
  15. :yes::yes::yes: