Tod's T-Tote Bag in distressed patent black... do you like it?

  1. what do you think of the T-Tote in distressed black patent leather? Do you like it? I would prefer not to get a black bag but the other colours come in leather which are prone to scratches. The black patent is a sold out in Singapore but the kind SAs are going to source for one. So before I confirm, I would love to hear your say on this bag. Thanks ahead for your comments.
  2. I LOVE this bag, perfect size too, i say get it!
  3. I love this bag too!!!!!
  4. I am with the others on this, I really like this bag. I like the size and especially the outside pockets, which make a bag much, much more functional than those without outside pockets. :tup:
  5. I love it! It reminds me of the Chloe Betty tote style.
  6. I love the look of the distressed patent--and I'm not usually a fan of patent leather!!
  7. Love it, can't go wrong with Tod's.
  8. TOD'S lover here, I say go for it! It's a beauty!
  9. I saw this bag in a croco finish and thought it was gorgeous. I love the rose/dusty pink color you have posted.
  10. Love it! Very classy!
  11. Oh, thank you so much for taking time to give me your comments. All your comments came after some time (must be due to the time difference). I thought none of you like this bag and I was about to change my mind and cancel the order! Glad I did not as I do think I will like this bagt.

    barcreperie, This is one of the reasons... I don't usually use to have bags with pockets, but since having the Mulberry Roxanne and a Dior bag with pockets, I find that such bags are appealing to me these days!

    Me too, not a fan of patent, but with this being in distressed leather and with the pockets, I hope it won't turn out to be too shiny. The SA told me that this actually gives off a more fashionable vibe and a slightly more casual look than being in black leather.

    Oh yes, the alligator one in the brochure is really TDF - but it's way too $$$ for me. Apparently, the alligator one is in a huge size.

    Yes, I do like the rose colour but it's in a leather that is prone to scratches. I for one am very particular if there are scatches on my bags so this is out for me. Still, isn't that colour gorgeous!
  12. I love the rosy colour too :smile:!!! but the black patent looks interesting and sort of 'fresh', that's a style you don't see that often.
  13. i LOVE it!!