Tod's T bag or Cloé Paddington

  1. It's all in the titel. I saw the new Tod's T bag and really liked it, roomy, classy but not boring. But I have been hanging around here lately probabely too much and really flashed on the Cloé Paddington, decision making is so hard. I just can't get more than one in the next couple of months...what do you think.
  2. I've been admiring that Tod's bag every time I go to Neiman's. It's been shown in various different colors in all the magazines. It's a really great functional bag, and you can't go wrong with Tod's. The Paddington is great too, but personally, I prefer the Tod's.
  3. how much does that retail for? i saw it in an ad in New York Mag, the purple and it looked hot. i'm surprised, tod's is not a brand i consider "hot"
  4. I would go with the Paddy.
    Tod's just doesnt do anything for me.
  5. Paddy. =)

  6. I live in france so here it retails for about 1000 euros which I think is about 1300$.

    I just went to the shop again, it really looks great, especially in a nice "brandy" tone sort of a rich, middle brown.

    It's the kind of bag you can keep for more than a year without totally looking "outdated" and it really is beautiful and a very nice size.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, in fact very diffrent from the paddy.
    Oh dear I wonder if I just go ahead and get the tod's.

    Do you think there is a place , silly question maybe, since I'm overseas, where I can get a brown or grey paddy second hand. I don't mind getting a second hand as long as it is the real thing. In any case it will not last that long so that might be a solution?
  8. At first I was wondering about the pockets but actually they are great, you can fit keys, portable phone a pacifier (don't scream I have an eight month old) as well as some other stuff, depends on your needs.
  9. hey catcat... you don't scream when i tell you i'm about to have my third!! like in days!! i just called the tod's boutique here in NYC b/c i like the idea of the pockets and the space to hold some baby stuff. she said they only have choco and black. i wonder if that's the same brown you saw.

    she also mentioned that the media (the bigger size) is a better fit over the shoulder, but i like the look of the piccola (smaller size). i'll probably go today to take a look. i've been meaning to go to the boutique for some time now b/c i'm also interested in the bensonville.

    what was the leather like? soft? did you see the bigger or the smaller one?

    the paddy to me is too heavy to carry, especially with the fear the lock might hurt a child who plays with it. plus running after toddlers, it's hard to carry anything else that's heavy!!
  10. I prefer paddington; Tod's T looks kinda boring to me...
  12. I've seen this bag in both the piccola (smaller) and media (larger) versions in dark brown; deep winey/red; black; tan; and deep emerald green. The pockets are definitely functional. The piccola is priced at $1195US and media $1350US.
  13. Paddingtons hands down, and not just because I am a huge Chloe fan. Tod's is kinda stodgy and stuffy to me...
  14. i would also say chloe all the way. i have the paddy in a gunmetal, though i agree with catcat that it is tres heavy. i'm 8 months pregnant and have to take the lock off sometimes because it strains my back! i also find it really hard to open and close, and i'm constantly losing stuff in it. but i love it nontheless! what about a different style chloe? there are so many cute ones for fall.
  15. I suppose it depends on if you need a 'functional' bag or not. In my opinion, the Tods is more functional and a nice looking bag.