Tod's Spring Summer Sale next Friday!

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  1. I got this in the mail today! :yahoo:
    Has anyone gone in past years and know what kinds are usually included/what the mark down is?

  2. do any of the driving mocs go on sale?

    i'm looking for navy, orange...something fun.
  3. I have gone for the last couple of years (Santa Row - San Jose, CA store) and they tend to have a good variety of stuff on sale for women .....less so for men. But all the Tods I have purchased, including all my driving mocs have been on sale. The prices range from $125 to about $250...with driving mocs being about $140-175 but again this is for the men's shoes.

    Hope this helps
  4. thanks so much.

    if you go and eye a good amount of driving mocs for women, please let me know and i'll give the store a call. i hate to be a drag and bother a SA to go over styles/colors over the phone. i'm out of the country for the summer, but i can always have it shipped to my house in the states.

    again, thanks so much!
  5. Tod's sales are usually pretty good. I can't wait.
  6. Looks like I have something to do on my lunch break on friday.
  7. How much do they discount the bags? Saks has some Tods bags on sale at 40%. Will this sale likely surpass that discount?
  8. NM has Tod's on pre-sale now, sale on Friday.