Tod's sizing??

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a pair of Tod's shoes online. Does anyone know what their sizing is like? Tia!
  2. I only know about ballet flats (ballerina Dee) and a platform ankle-strap pumps they call Croisette in France and Aspen in the US.
    The flats are true to size (I am size 7), but in the platform pumps I prefer to go up a half size to 7.5, and use heel pads to deal with my narrow heels. I have wide feet in the front.
  3. I find all Tods to be true to size as well.
  4. thanks girls! I was thinking of getting a pointed tan pair of pumps with a midi heel. I think I might take the size 35 although my feet are a bit smaller and then use feet petals if need be. Do their leathers tend to stretch very much?
  5. I'm a 41 in JC and MB and a 40.5 in Tods platforms. I've never noticed too much stretching. HTH!!
  6. I wear a 40 in Manolo high heels and a 39.5 in flats and I wear a 39 in TODS flats. I have purchased some drivers and find some can be narrower than others. Honestly , I have to try on my TODS b4 I purchase b/c I own 38, 38.5, 39 & 39.5, all flat...
    Sorry that is probably not very helpful.
    I suggest you either go into a shop and try them on or buy online from a retailer who allows returns, order 2 sizes and return the ones that don't fit.

  7. I am like LT Bag Lady - my sizing in Tod's shoes varies. I have three pairs of Tod's Ballerina Dee flats. Two are 38.5, one of which is a little too small, and one is a 39. The 38.5 that fits is patent, and the one that is too small is suede. The 39 is patent and from the same season as the 38.5 patent that fits. They fit exactly the same.

    In the Tod's platform heels I went up to a 39.5, but I usually have to go up half a size with high heels. I also suggest buying in-store or from an online retailer that allows returns.

    I am usually a 38.5-39 in flats and 39-39.5 in heels in most Italian-made shoes.
  8. I think it depends on the shoe. I'm usually a size 8, all my Tod's shoes are 8's but my Tod's sandals are size 7.
  9. I am usually a 7 1/2 in Ferragamo, Costume National, Gucci and LV. For Tod's ballerinas and loafers I need to size down to a 7. And that's considering I have wide feet.