Tod's Silver MIRROR Bags - I KID you not!!

  1. Okay, I know Tod's is not hugely popular on this forum for their fairly conservative, some say almost boring styles. But I love them, as like to buy a bag and have it last a few seasons....or years!

    So imagine my ABSOLUTE SHOCK to see they have done a mirror line!! I got a chance to check it out at the trunk show at Neiman's this weekend and took some pics. The 3rd photo is of silver bags but without the mirror finish. The last one is the boomerang mirror that wasn't available but I found at

    The first two mirrors were retailing for about $1350 to $1400.

    Tod's silver_1.JPG

    Tod's silver_2.JPG

    Tod's silver_3.JPG


    They were definitely beautiful! But unless I can wear it for a while, I just can't spend that kind of $$ on the look!
  2. !!! i totally agree that this is very un-tod's!
  3. Them too?
    Lol I actually like these (all but the Boomerang) and I don't even own any Tod's :lol:
  4. SO un tod like..but wow they are gorgeous!
  5. i actually like these bags. very nice.
  6. Cute bags!!
  7. I like that quilted one in the 3rd photo...very pretty.
  8. No I dont like these
  9. Gorgeous bags!
  10. I like them.
  11. I love metallics but just not sure about seems like these types of bags would show scratches/scuffs/smudges SO easily, especially the way I'm so careless with my handbags. But they are very beautiful!
  12. They are pretty but they just don't seem to suit the Tods style very well--I guess I'm just not used to seeing Tods like this!
  13. They are cute, but they remind me too much of LV's miroir line, and some of the Marc Jacobs stam bags.
  14. First Gucci now Tod's? LV must be PO'd
  15. I want one!